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February 12 of 12: The Banality

It's time again to condense my day into a dozen pictures!

I finally get myself out of bed to begin the day. What time is it? Let's ask my DRAGON PHONE.

I check my e-mail and all my usual websites: the Dragonfly, Facebook, LJ, b.org, TWoP. I log into work remotely and see what's shaking. This is a typical morning for me. By the time I do all this and take a shower and get dressed, it is...later.

That much later, according to my car. Although that clock is a little fast.

At work, I settle in and then raid the kitchen in order to make breakfast. Today, in order to show it off, I make the EthicalMedical.net Muffin, which is an English muffin with a Morningstar sausage patty, a half-slice of Tillamook cheddar, a scrambled egg (microwaved), and salsa. I throw in an apple too. Um, separately, not on the muffin.

You may notice that I have Pam's phone. That paper bag there is my goody bag from my little sister, who stuffed it full of treats like M&Ms, Rice Krispie treats, granola bars, Fudge Rounds, and even some Parle-G biscuits.

Work happens. Then it is time for lunch, so I can show you the view from the 7th floor, which is not nearly as cool as the view from the 12th floor, which I should have showed you last time.

I am wearing what I like to call my "preppy outfit."

Lunch today is a magical Healthy Choice Cajun rice bowl with shrimp and chicken. It steams in the microwave! I artfully arrange my lunch and reading material in order to show off our swanky new lunchroom.

Soon, after fielding some e-mails, people arrive to move my ergonomic keyboard tray. I guess I should try to be ergonomic or whatever, even though I am change-averse.

More work happens, and then I can finally leave around 5:30! But not before leaving you a message on one of my two whiteboards. I have whiteboards! In my cube!

On the way home, I fill up gas at $2.17 a gallon. It occurs to me that I've been talking about getting a new car, but you don't even know what my soon-to-be-old car looks like. Here's an excuse!

1991 Nissan Sentra. It is not much to look at, I know. It gets me from point A to point B, but not point C, which is where the chicks are.

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig. Let's show off my prized collection.

Plush Momo courtesy of the lovely raelee! That structure is not very stable. I need to buy a goddamn bookshelf. Or three.

For dinner, I defrost some chori my mom made me last month. I do this so that I can take a picture of it and show you all what real Indian food looks like.

With dinner, I watch Twin Peaks. To my surprise, the episode is directed by Todd Holland! I didn't know he worked on Twin Peaks. He directed last week's 30 Rock too, by the way. (If the name doesn't ring a bell: Wonderfalls.)

During the show, my mom calls, so I call her back. She wants me to write an eleven-person comedy skit lasting anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour and starring teenagers I don't really know (besides my sister). I suppose I should be flattered that my mom always comes to me with ridiculous writing assignments, but it's kind of annoying. Maybe the skit will just be eleven zombies saying "Braaaaaaains" over and over. It's like the "Spoon" exercise!

I curl up on my sexy red couch and watch my Thursday night comedies. Then it's time to cut my nails! Exciting, I know.

Look, I tried to make the pictures interesting because my life sure wasn't doing them any favors.

And then I write this post.

Wait, wait, you say! That's only eleven pictures! Where's the—

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