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Ted's Favorite Movie Is Hot to Trot-ot-ot-ot

Although I haven't been posting about it, I want to note that Friday's Battlestar Galactica was pretty awesome. The Poundry Drums of Spoilery Doom promised excitement, and the episode delivered! Definitely one of the best of the season, if not the series. I didn't even fall asleep!

On a completely unrelated note, I wanted to link to this beautiful post about submission by being_fulfilled. No, not that kind of submission. The marital kind. I'm not a religious person, but I admire her faith and the way it shapes her life. I thought the concept of a wife submitting to her husband was kind of icky, but she makes it sound lovely and appropriate and not icky.

And now it's time for the return of Monday night television! Yes, television. Racism week is over. FOR NOW.


Oh, show! I missed you. The 3-D was pretty fucking pointless. Barely anything came out of the screen! The flashes were really cool, though; those made me go, "Whoa!" Mostly, it felt like I was watching a blurry, discolored episode that made my eyes hurt.

Aw, it's Charlie! He made it off the Island and took a new name and got a bunch of terrorist tattoos, awesome. Again, my favorite thing about this show is the way it hides plot points in throwaway jokes. Well, that and the hot ladies. And the explosions. And the nerd humor.

They resolved the Sarah conflict already! Way to not draw it out, guys. I'd totally forgotten about that dangling thread anyway.

Also, let us all revel in the fact that Tony Hale got to yell "No touching!" in an episode that featured "The Final Countdown."

How I Met Your Mother

Best use of a pregnancy ever? Haaaaa.

Barney's video résumé was HILARIOUS. For background, suspend your disbelief and watch the original video résumé, "Impossible Is Nothing." And then wash that down with Michael Cera's parody, "Impossible Is the Opposite of Possible."

Let us all revel in the fact that I've mentioned Tony Hale and Michael Cera within paragraphs of each other.

I enjoyed the storyline about having weak-ass shit on your résumé because it reminded me I should probably take my Hobbies and Interests off my résumé:
  • Theatre
  • Gilbert and Sullivan
  • Fiction writing
  • Online communities
  • Veronica Mars
  • MarsInvestigations.net
  • Marching Owl Band
  • Do Random Acts of Kindness
That is some weak-ass shit, there. But not as weak-ass as some of the shit Ted and Marshall LEFT. Camper of the Year? Lifeguard?

Crisis on Infinite Heroes

Hey, look, Mark Verheiden has joined the writing staff, and now the mutants are Cylons terrorists! I have a feeling this will end badly. Although he did write the aforementioned excellent episode of BSG.

Claire is wearing way too much makeup. She looks like a fucking doll. But she started kicking ass at the end of the episode, and her makeup has probably burned off now, so that's a good start.

Hiro without powers is not as pointless as I expected! I find his turning into Oracle totally adorable. But did the bad guys not get the memo about his depowering?

Raise your hand if you knew the password was ANDO immediately. Raise your hand if your first inclination was actually KAITO just like Ando until you realized it was ANDO and you forgot all about Kensei. Raise your hand if you actually read all that.

Pac-Man is going to be drawing the future now? Do they always need someone to draw the future? Can they please get a new plot device? I mean...I enjoy it as much as the next guy, but he apparently has the most useless drawings ever. "Oh, I have drawn three minutes into the future, but this knowledge will not actually aid me in any way because the rate at which the future becomes the present is greater than the rate of my cognitive ability."

Daphne is cute. And I wonder about speedsex.

Mohinder is calm again? I swear, that guy goes through more personality transplants than Nathan. So I guess he's kind of cool now, like an Indian Hulk? He should yell, "MOHINDER SMASH!"

And Peter only retains the last power he absorbs now? That would explain why he was hanging on for dear life at the end; I guess he couldn't fly anymore. This is a cool new twist, actually, and I'm interested to see how it changes the dynamic.

I don't know how I feel about Bennet being in with Zeljko Ivanek! Hadn't he grown? This seems like a reversion to S1 Bennet. Why would he be going along with Nathan's crackpot plan?

I like how they didn't even bother making the fact that Sylar survived an ENTIRE BUILDING FALLING ON HIM a surprise. They just assumed that we assumed he didn't actually die because he's Sylar and they'll never kill him off since he's so popular.

So I thought we were going to have a whole slew of episodes about being in Mutanamo Bay, but I like the idea of the plane crash and trying to work together and survive, as long as some of their captors in addition to Bennet lived.

It wasn't all that great, but io9 did give me 63 Reasons To Give Heroes One More Chance, so I'll stick around.
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