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Something Involving a Large Bowl of Sorts

I don't think I've ever been to a Super Bowl party before, but today I found myself at Dave's apartment with a bottle of sparkling pomegranate juice from Trader Joe's. Dave is a friend from Rice; other friends from Rice included Alexis, Jonathan, and Ryan (and his girlfriend Johanna, who did go to Rice but I didn't meet until afterward). Also Anna, whom I had not seen since we graduated. Hanging out with Rice graduates is almost like a bad joke—So a lawyer, a linguist, a philosopher, a computer programmer, a financial analyst, and a medical writer walk into a bar...

There were also two non-Rice grads I had not met before, Dave (not a clone but someone else also named Dave) and Alia.

I arrived first, around 2:45. In examining bookshelves, I discovered that Dave read comics! And hell, not just any comics, comics I loved! Runaways! Y: The Last Man! Buffy Season 8! He even had Understanding Comics! And a few Sandman trades. How did I not know this, when I had been posting about comics all year last year? This is what happens when your friends aren't on LJ. You actually have to, like, talk to them and visit them to discover things about them.

Others arrived. I munched on chips and salsa. Dave had a couple two-liters of Coke Zero, so he poured me a glass. To my surprise, it seemed to taste better than Coke Zero from a can. Because on a good day, Coke Zero is 80% as awesome as regular Coke, but otherwise, the annoying aftertaste is too noticeable, and the awesomeness level drops to maybe 60%. Nothing beats a full-on Coke, but Coke Zero is a pretty good substitute, calorifically speaking.

Jonathan did not intend to root for Arizona for anything, but once he heard that the NFC had won the coin toss eleven years in a row, he rooted for them to win the coin toss, and they did.

Anna brought five-layer dip, which added to the Mexican theme of the food (Dave was making quesadillas later on). For me, football games and nachos went together like movies and popcorn, so a Mexican theme seemed natural, although it doesn't really make sense. Johanna brought blondies, which did not really adhere to the theme at all. Although Blondie did love a Mexican.

Then there was a football game. And even though I don't normally care (and hadn't paid attention to this football season at all), it was a really good game! Because I used to live in Pittsburgh (and my brother was born there), I rooted for the Steelers, although I found out I was maybe not supposed to root for the Steelers because they would break the 49ers' Super Bowl-win record, and I was born in San Francisco. So sometimes I rooted for Arizona since they were the underdogs. Whoever you rooted for, however, it was a really interesting game with lots of close calls and an awesomely historic interception return. He ran the whole football field! It's unfortunate Madden didn't break out the old "He! Could! Go! All! The! Way!" though. It's also unfortunate that Harrison randomly lost his shit in the second half and administered a minute-long beatdown for no apparent reason. What the frickin' hell was that? He practically punched him, for God's sake! Still, that interception return was pretty amazing, and I had a real I Was There feeling watching it. It was a real nail-biter of a fourth quarter, too. All those damn penalties! Jonathan and Dave gave us all the necessary intel during the game, and we watched the multiple replays to make our own decisions on whether the referees made the right call. All in all, it was a really good communal watching experience.

Out of the commercials, I think our favorites were the Doritos commercials, the Hulu commercial, and anything involving the Clydesdales because they're pretty horsies. Although Jonathan questioned why that one horse had a Scottish accent.

While Bruce Springsteen ran his crotch into the camera, Dave made veggie or chicken quesadillas that were apparently quite famous for their deliciousness. They were, indeed, quite delectable, so much so that I didn't even mind that they contained bell peppers (although I probably still would have minded had they contained cilantro).

After the game, we stuck around to watch The Office, just like NBC wanted us to, those devious bastards. I was the only dedicated fan, I think; some others had watched occasionally and Jonathan, I believe, had never seen the show. Jonathan also did not work in an office, and those of us who did agreed that the show, like Dilbert, is much funnier if you do. The episode itself was pretty hilarious; we were dying during the opening scene. And it stayed pretty funny throughout, although the use of the Special Guest Stars fell kind of flat. Another really good communal watching experience.

And after the show, because we were mostly Rice students, a retelling of a Calvin and Hobbes strip turned into a serious discussion of whether Thomas Hobbes had ever wished for and then eaten a sandwich.
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