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Mi País, Su País

I just received this message from the guy in my last post:
My apologies if I offended you in my post. I have a lot of India friends and I know they would have accepted my jest knowing I meant no offense. I want to say more to explain my point of view on my comments, but I don’t want to sound like I am making excuses. I made a lot of assumptions in my post and there is no excuse.

Again, my apologies. Pleas don’t let this reflect on [our mutual friend] as we are just getting acquainted after high school and is not responsible for my ignorance.
In my opinion, it's a very good apology, and I kind of felt bad for hanging him out to dry last night. But I decided I deserved to say more than "No problem, man, we're cool, you didn't make me question my cultural identity at all or anything."
Thank you for the apology. I am sure you can joke around with your friends with no problem, but it is really not acceptable to say those things to complete strangers. A picture and a name don't define me any more than they define you.
I hope he learns from his mistake, because the next person he offends may just punch him in the face.
Tags: being indian, is it racism week?, life online, personal
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