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The Butler Did It. No, Wait, the Girlfriend. No, She Was Dead All Along.

I had no big plans this Christmas Eve, but any plans I would have had were dashed when my mom pulled her back. "Oh, ma!" she cried out, which was a little unusual. Ma, as you may have guessed, is what you call your mother in Gujarati. It reminded me of the old Akbar and Birbal story—at least, I think that's where it's from—where a foreigner comes to town able to speak in many tongues, and he offers a reward to anyone who can deduce where he is actually from. So Birbal, clever lad that he is, barges into his room one night and throws water on him. Startled, he yells in his native tongue. No matter how many languages you speak, your instinctual speech will be in your native tongue. I believe my native tongue is profanity.

Anyway, my mom was in terrible pain, which I believed was her way of celebrating jeeperstseepers's birthday. I helped her into bed and stayed downstairs in case she needed anything. And so we began to clear the DVR.

First up was my very first episode of Numb3rs. This show has a lot of characters, and it took me quite a while to figure out who everyone was and how they related to each other, and I'm still not sure what everyone's name is. Unfortunately, there was no Sabrina Lloyd, but fortunately, there was a Navi Rawat, better known to me as the rogue slayer from Angel and whoever she was on The O.C. There should be more hot Indian chicks on TV, I say. Or Indian chicks at all, really. Who is there besides her and Mindy Kaling and Parminder Nagra? Oh, there's Rekha Sharma.

The episode, "Robin Hood," didn't seem all that great. Even my mom said that the show was sort of hit-or-miss, so maybe there are more interesting and entertaining episodes.

Then we watched my very first episode of Ghost Whisperer. I had no actual desire to watch the show, but I figured this would be the only way I would at least see what I didn't care about. The Ghost of the Week was Rena Sofer, and she was kind of terrible. The story itself was pretty twisty, as procedural stories tend to be, so that was pretty neat. And one of the other guest stars was Helen's priest buddy from Joan of Arcadia! Jennifer Love Hewitt is pretty, although there was shockingly little attention paid to her breasts.

Overall, again, mildly diverting but not something I would make it a point to watch. For procedurals, I prefer shows like Monk and Psych, which are more comedic.

And on that note, we watched a couple episodes of Monk. They were both from the first season, and it was so bizarre to see Stottlemeyer be so down on Monk because now, he likes and respects him. But I guess early on, they played up his skepticism and antagonism, which are still there now but with more of a friendly tone. I prefer the newer episodes because they have Natalie, who is A) pretty and B) played by Traylor Howard, whom I love from Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place.

And on that note, we then switched to Ryan Reynolds in Definitely, Maybe, a movie I had been interested in from the trailers because it looked like How I Met Your Mother: The Movie. It wasn't very funny, however. It's mildly amusing. There weren't as many Princess Bride-esque storytelling hijinks as I wanted, but the movie does make decent use of the frame story. It's generally pretty enjoyable, nothing too special, but the women get to look at Ryan Reynolds the whole way through and the men get to look at Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz, and Isla Fisher, so there's really no losing here. Plus, there's all sorts of random '90s hilarity like OMG CELL PHONES and OMG INTERNET. It's a cute movie, and Jane Eyre is a plot point.

Finally, after my little sister returned from her ski trip, we Redboxed National Treasure: Book of Secrets. You may remember that I quite enjoyed the first movie. And the second movie is similarly fun for all the same reasons! Crazy clues and riddles, secret artifacts, random American history trivia, a pretty lady, and a wisecracking sidekick! I think there may have been fewer crazy clues and riddles in this one, though. I am about ready to set aside my shame in liking these movies because what the hell, I really want to see the third one! They totally set another movie up, and I want to know what kind of nutty shenanigans Benjamin Gates is going to get himself in this time.

Merry/Happy Christmas, Happy Doctor Who Christmas Special Day, Happy My Mom's Birthday, and/or Happy Thursday!
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