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I Killed Amanda Palmer

I know you were refreshing all night, waiting for my post, but I was sleeping on my sexy red couch. That's what happens when you stay up past 2 five days in a row.


Hm. That was a little less exciting and awesome than previous finales, but that's what happens when you take out the villain in the penultimate episode. Loved the creepy shot of Miguel's body just lying there as the world went on around and about him.

That scene with Dexter and Ramon so did not go where I was expecting. I actually said, "Wow," after it was over because I was so confused. DEXTER REMOVED THE THORN. That's huge, you guys. I mean, that was basically a real human connection there. There are some problems you can solve without killing! Maybe next season he will dance with the villain like Princess Tutu.

(On the other hand, what the hell, I feel like the revelations about Ramon's role in the Prado family possibly had more places to go? I mean, what did it say about Miguel, and what did it say about Ramon, and is the thorn really gone?)

Dexter with the Skinner was pretty sweet, although it didn't last very long, and it ended a little too cleanly. Fingerprints, blood, anything? Dexter got really lucky with that one.

Deb! Getting her shield!! Okay, honestly, I was hoping she would get it by catching the Skinner, so I was a little miffed that she got it earlier (also, she dropped the case to be with Anton and then still caught the Skinner? Is it her case again or what?). But yay! Deb is awesome, and Anton loves her again.

DEXTER SAID SOMETHING HONEST AWWW. I'm loving the way they're developing Dexter, slowly turning him into a real person. I wonder whether the series endgame is not to put Dexter in jail but for Dexter to overcome his darkness and stop killing.

Mostly, I agree with most of what sainfoin_fields has to say. THE MORGANS ARE GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Bwuh? So I liked seeing the Riley backstory, although it didn't give us all that much new information. It does make her more interesting, though. And what the hell was up with Cameron this episode? That was really odd and amusing. She's been distrustful of Riley from the beginning, but I wonder how much she's known or she could tell before now.

But you want to talk about odd, look at Sarah's story, which, what the hell? So another Wire actor pops up (DAMN YOU, BRIANNA). And Sarah is chasing UFOs with a dude playing a chick playing another dude. (Raise your hand if you guessed she was Abraham as soon as Sarah entered her trailer.) And he's being chased by unidentified foes. AND THEN THERE ARE SPACESHIPS WTF. That sort of have three dots? I mean, what the hell, Skynet has already built those things? Well, not Skynet, I guess, but those definitely look like the same sort of flying machines in the future. Similar design. And are they abducting people and pretending to be aliens or what? Also, what's with Sarah's random visions of her past self? And what does it mean that Alan Park is really a waitress? Is he supposed to be Sarah somehow? But they were clearly two separate people, so he had to be real! Sarah from an alternate timeline? I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING SOMEONE PLEASE UNCONFUSE ME.

At least Ellison's story was generally comprehensible. Oh, John Henry! You are not God's children. No matter what Six tells you.


Ha ha ha, the guy is seriously named Ned R(h)yerson? Awesome. And Reginald VelJohnson gets to reprise his Die Hard role, complete with "Ode to Joy"? Oh, show.

Ned was totally the worst hostagetaker ever. The first half hour of the episode reminded me of the Psych finale, he was so nonthreatening and inept. Mere seconds after I was thinking, "You know, this plot is actually pretty lame," however, BOOM AWESOME PLOT TWIST. Did not see that coming at all, and it totally made the episode so much better. I felt like Chuck and the entire premise of the show was genuinely in danger when Michael Rooker laid it all out. Yes, I knew he had to die somehow eventually, but in that moment, I was really worried. Just the fact that it was possible for that to happen, that if he could figure out that much and pull this off, someone else could.

And Sarah killed for Chuck! And he saw it! Ergh. Intellectually, he knows Sarah's a killer. He has to. Hasn't she killed people on the show before? This must be the first time she's deliberately killed to save Chuck when it wasn't immediately necessary. And I think he had the expected reaction. I wonder how that will change the dynamic between them.

How I Met Your Mother

Barney's Christmas filks were pretty awesome. Does this mean we'll be seeing Ted's sister again?

The real highlight of the episode, though, was the B story with Robin and Marshall. Have we ever really seen them in their own storyline before? They were fun together. And, of course, the end scene was awesome.

Crisis on Infinite Heroes

Oh, Heroes. You mix the really cool stuff with the really ridiculous stuff, and I just don't know what to think anymore.

Really Cool
  • Sylar taking all of Primatech hostage
  • Giving Meredith an adrenaline overdose. It was horrible, but a cleverly sick idea.
  • Especially when he locked Bennet in with her
  • The tripartite escape plan
  • Kaito's sword vs. Hiro's baguette
  • Hiro tore the formula in half!
  • Hiro bowing before punching Tracy in the face
  • Matt/Daphne/Ando in general were pretty fun again
Really Ridiculous
  • Sylar's new characterization every episode—is he good, is he evil, is he angsty, does he like being a monster, does he hate being a monster? Some of it almost made sense and was interesting, but I didn't want to make the effort to reconcile it with last episode.
  • Marlo's dead, REALLY? You bring on a Wire actor and have him STAND AROUND for half of his time on the show, and then you randomly kill him off?
  • Sylar has REAL parents now? What's wrong with being the son of a watchmaker? God is a watchmaker!
  • I saw Chad Faust's name in the credits but missed his appearance in the actual episode, so, what, did someone kill him when I wasn't looking? Yeah, this show really knows how to use its guest stars.
  • Mohinder being magically healed by the formula ON HIS SKIN
  • WHY would you assume that, after sticking some random formula in you, you would get exactly the power you are hoping for?
  • Ando getting powers. On the one hand, let the normal people be normal, for fuck's sake. On the other hand, I like that the power fits him as a sidekick character.
  • Daphne running really really fast to go back in time...and then running really really fast to go FORWARD in time what the fuck. DID SHE RUN BACKWARDS OR SOMETHING? The speed at which Einstein is rolling in his grave has sent his corpse back to the Stone Age.
  • Okay, that was actually sort of cool too, though.
  • Nathan's personality transplant
  • The complete lack of poignancy in the Nathan vs. Peter scenes because of said personality transplant
  • Random Ubuntu appearance?
Here comes Genosha.
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