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I Lied to My Own Webcam

It's that time of year again! Holiday Love Meme! Say nice things about me, please. And if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all make something up. It's anonymous! Behold the glory of the Internet.

Relatedly, one of the women we work with in Brazil was in town for a conference, so we took her out to lunch. It was really cool to meet her after only communicating via e-mail for over a year. She showed us some pictures of the other people we'd been e-mailing, so that was neat. And she was excited to see us, too, for the same reason. Everyone else in Brazil was jealous that she got to meet us. (murphy987: "It's like a work internet meet-up!")

I had duck enchiladas. They were pretty good. Not as amaaaaazing as I had hoped, but good. I also had French onion soup, jalapeño cornbread, and tuna tartare with fried green tomatoes. I'd never had tartare before; I had no idea that's what it was like. I always assumed steak tartare was steak with tartar sauce or something.

Dinner was a little less high-class, however: burritos! gymble and her husband were back in town, so we grabbed dinner and came back to my apartment to "watch stuff." Before the Monday night lineup started, I showed them The Guild on DVD, which is just as hilarious the third time around (and I caught some new jokes) and has renewed my mad crush on Felicia Day. (Neither one of them seemed to express actual interest in watching it when I showed them the box, but I forced it on them anyway; luckily, they were laughing their asses off almost immediately.) I followed it up with the two episodes of season two (new episode tomorrow!).

And now, to the television talk!


Aargh, toughcookie42 totally called the bachelor party fakeout! I said I was going to punch the writers if they pulled that shit, but I guess I am forgiving. Also, Angel was totally getting a lap dance, but I guess that falls under acceptable behavior?

Masuka cracks me up.

LaGuerta doing real police work! Hurrah! I'm confused, though. Dexter did decide that he wasn't going to let her know, so I figured he was going to lie on the report. But apparently he didn't because LaGuerta found it. Was he intending to write the real results on the report and then never give it to her? How does that work? I don't understand why the actual results were on that report. In any case, I loved Dexter's feigned surprise. "Miguel Prado?? REALLY???"

Holy God, Deb will be fucking destroyed if she finds out about Dexter, isn't she. If just finding out that her dad cheated on her mom has this kind of an effect? She does like morals. I loved that scene where Dex asked her to be his best man! Man, if he had feelings, he'd have them for Deb, AND HE TOTALLY DOES. That was all so genuine there. Oh, televisual sibling relationships.

Miguel is way more complicated and fucked-up than I thought. How much of a lying liar who lies IS he? Because he seemed to truly value Dexter's friendship, which was kind of nuts and...kind of sad. It's almost like he had that same desire Dexter does, of connecting with someone Like Him. But he's too human, I suppose.

I am wary of Dexter's plan to frame the Skinner. Masuka is good. He'll know that the skinning was done postmortem. Unless, as Dexter said, they don't look very hard. Which they probably won't, I guess. I find it interesting that they're fucking with the structure a little by having him take Miguel out an episode BEFORE the finale. Rudy, Lila, Miguel—they all end up on the table, though. I think this show does need a new plotline, eh?

I loved the ending, however. The way the color sort of faded away and the music became more and more blurry.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

This was a great episode to watch tonight because gymble is several episodes behind. They didn't even bother with previouslies because I was just as lost as they were. I understand that Fields = Fields, but where does the Alpine come in? Did Cameron kill Roger? If so, how did either Lauren or her mom call him? If not, how did he die? And the dad? HOW DARE YOU LEAVE IMPORTANT BITS OF STORY UP TO THE VIEWERS' IMAGINATIONS! What the hell was up with Derek and Jesse in the future? Had they even met before then? Did Derek tell Lauren she would grow up to be a doctor? How in the motherfucking hell did they determine that Anne's baby was Sydney the Magical Immune Girl (Quinn from Weeds!) from the future? How did they know Lauren wasn't the target? Was that what the St. Jude necklace meant? Isn't Sydney's name a paradox? (Isn't John's?) Did they really kill the T-888 or not? And what the fuck happened at the end? It looked like the mom's body was gone or something. How does Lauren expect to raise her little sister with no money and no parents? So many questions that will likely never be answered given the stand-alone nature of this episode! I heart non-linear narrative and all, but what?

We liked Lauren, however. She was very accepting of cyborgs, and she generally cracked us up. And she was cute, in that androgynous Jonathan Taylor Thomas way.

(They do always come through the front door, don't they? Robots Cyborgs are so predictable.)

Rabbit rabbit rabbit! Rabbit rabbit! Rabbit rabbit!


Gary Cole is everywhere these days!

Everything about the DeLorean was funny. Especially the sheik attempting to get away in it. ("No, this is not a prank call.")

I love the crazy way this show makes plots out of anything. Oh, your dad's a con man! Yeah, let's use him as intel. Oh, let's totally commit fraud. ("That would involve the CIA having any knowledge of your mission" ahahahaha.) Oh, let's just do whatever we want as long as it's convenient to the plot!

The Lichtenstein shit? HILARIOUS. I called Chuck playing Lichtenstein half a minute before it happened, which is not a great feat because it was predictable by that point, but you only have proof of that when you're watching with friends.


Jeff remains one of the creepiest characters on television.

Finally: pause the wide shot of the Buy More complex. Unless I am mistaken, to the left of the Buy More is an establishment named Underpants, etc.

How I Met Your Mother

The larious! Things I Loved:
  • Barney talking in black sitcom titles
  • the Nikki-and-Paolo-ing of Doug
  • Marshall and his brothers fighting, Part One
  • "If he's missin' his teeth, I'm missin' my pants!"
  • Robin's boobs
  • "Lawyered!"
  • "Was there a big sale at the Wuss Market?"
  • Marshall and his brothers fighting, Part Two

Crisis on Infinite Heroes

gymble and her husband did not stay for Heroes, so they did not see that Elle is well and truly dead and roasted after Sylar had some tasty brain stew. Sylar, who continues to crave brain stew because...the writers gave up on his redemption arc, apparently. It's fun to have S1 Sylar back, at least.

Time travel hijinks! And, you know what, I complained along with everyone else about the stupid Hiro-reverts-to-a-ten-year-old idea, but holy shit, that scene with his mother made it all worthwhile. When he gets his memories back and REMEMBERS MISSING HER?? Shit, dude, that's pretty sharp emotional stuff, there. Plus, cute stuff with the pushing-up-glasses and head sag before. And waffle love-continuity! And then Claire with her baby self (which, what, so fucking weird, shouldn't the world end or something) and her mom and her dad! (Her pet name is a paradox!) That was all really good stuff, slightly marred by the ridiculous "light" of the catalyst, what the fucking hell is that shit. And how did Arthur Petrelli get there? Did he get time travel from Peter's Box o' Powers? How did he know where and when to go? And how will they save Hiro? Ando cannot get powers! Don't be like Mohinder, dammit! The show needs awesome regular people! Or else we regular people viewers feel wholly inferior!

Fun times with Matt and Ando and Daphne, although I roll my eyes every time Matt says anything to Daphne. Dude, she's having a more coherent arc than anyone else this season, leave her alone. STOP TELLING HER WHO AND WHAT SHE IS.

...Did they really pay Jamie Hector to glower for two seconds?

Sylar is not a Petrelli! Huzzah! And Arthur Petrelli is dead, so the world is saved! Except now Nathan is going to be the villain or something.

Kyle from The 4400 feels good. He knew that he would, now. (But, really, super strength? You're literally making super soldiers? Can't you give him an interesting power? Like being in a coma? Or being possessed by the Future and assassinating people? Or a cute redhead in his head leading him to prophecies?)
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