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A Distraction from the December Blues

You know what's good to do when you're sick and vaguely discontent? Travel up north to visit friends! Especially one you haven't seen since the VM series finale party (and what the hell, why did no one tell me about the flagrant error in my list of people???). Here are some things that are good for the soul:
  • driving up Saturday morning with Smellerbee
  • rocking out to "Stockholm Syndrome" and chilling out to "Alleyways"
  • geeking out over books with sophia_helix and actoplasm
  • sharing sophia_helix's idiosyncracies in collecting books
  • seeing lodessa for the first time in a year and a half
  • sophia_helix's noticing and complimenting my use of conditioner, apparently rare among men
  • a crazy chicken sandwich with pineapple and teriyaki sauce at Islands
  • cheddar fries!
  • showing off my new ringtones
  • holing up in sophia_helix's apartment and drinking hot spiced cider and dark Mayan chocolate
  • watching three episodes of Spaced: "the paintball episode," "the rave episode," and "the finger-gun episode"
  • "Aren't you gonna answer that?"/"I have an answering service."/"You've got an answer for everything."/"I can't believe you just said that."
  • realizing that sophia_helix is a really, really big Spaced fan
  • having to be told that the Cones' language consists primarily of references to TV shows and movies and lots of "your face" and "your mom," as if I were unfamiliar with that concept
  • rolling up all kinds of crazy shit in We ♥ Katamari
  • listening to Garbage, one of the first albums I ever bought (at the Half-Price in the Rice Village the summer after graduating high school), on the way to lodessa's apartment
  • getting my ass kicked in Soul Calibur III by lodessa's friend Davis
  • "He's not really an owl."
  • discovering that Davis is an Avatar fan
  • reminiscing about our childhood shows
  • hearing lodessa's boyfriend talk more within a minute of entering the apartment than I'd heard him talk the two times I'd seen him
  • lodessa's chicken soup (for the tummy, not the soul)
  • watching sophia_helix and lodessa fight with the Buffy and Faith characters they created
  • almost rolling up the whole world
  • sleeping in Sunday morning
  • curling up with Cupcake the kitty
  • revisiting our favorite Trevor memories
  • pumpkin spice muffin at (lodessa's great-aunt) Mimi's Cafe
  • crab, sweet corn, and asparagus quiche + lodessa's pan-seared scallops
  • lodessa's reaction to picking up on the fact that I had read the Babysitters Club books
  • showing lodessa BJ Novak's "Wikipedia Brown" and then reading aloud Adam Cadre's "Wikipedia Brown and the Case of the Captured Koala"
  • watching some of Goldentusk's theme song parodies
  • seeing EuroTrip, which the Cones adore, and finding it surprisingly funny
  • finally understanding and appreciating the wondrous glory of "Scotty Doesn't Know"
  • messing with Lily the kitty back at sophia_helix's apartment
  • going from looking up "arugula" on Wikipedia to spending ten minutes reading about loan words
  • driving down with Smellerbee once again
Tags: books, food, gratuitous strong bad references, lists are less time-intensive, movies, music, personal, pesceducation, pimpings, real life friends, spaced, video games
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