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The Pre-Cut Section of My Post Just Gets Longer and Longer

Thank you to everyone who participated in my ringtone poll. I valued your input! And then made my own decision by adding in the "What song is that?"/"Oh, it's X by Y!" factor. I ended up getting "Supermassive Black Hole," "Future Proof," "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games," "Spitting Games," "Wish You Were Here"—HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER—and "Aerials." Wait, what? That wasn't on the poll! Yeah, um, sorry, I hadn't realized the ringtone for that song was just the opening, which is lovely and perfect ringtone material. And I wanted a System of a Down ringtone because I love them. Also, no, I can count: I got a free bonus ringtone because I was having trouble downloading from the website, so the very friendly T-Mobile lady refunded one of my credits. Full disclosure: number six was "Wish You Were Here."

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I have to share this story. In five days, the Internet raised $10,000 and saved someone's home. I gave a dollar, and I'm proud to be a part of the total. If everyone does a little, it adds up to a lot.

Finally: are you excited for Terminator Salvation for any reason? (Wait, hold up, there's really no colon in the title? It's called Terminator Salvation? Like...the salvation of the Terminators? We're saving them now, that's the future?) Do you love the original movies and/or The Sarah Connor Chronicles? Do you love post-apocalyptic futures? Do you love Christian Bale? Whatever your reasons, miniglik wants to hear from you. Go be her friend, now. She is desperate for people to fangirl this movie with, months before it opens. She is so desperate she is posting on the IMDb forums, you guys. Throw the girl a bone.

Actually: throw me a bone. I am in need of icons! Point me to your favorite places to find good icons for Dexter, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and How I Met Your Mother. Also 30 Rock. Maybe Doctor Who? You know what I like.

Sorry, I'm not done! Because I just watched "Back to the Hellmouth," the postmortem nostalgia discussion thing on the bonus disc of the Chosen Collection (which I do not have; I don't remember where I downloaded this), and it's fantastic. Can I just re-declare my love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The episodes, the people, the experience? Then, now, and forever?


Eeeeee, Dexter vs. Miguel is fun crazy times. That scene on the roof! Holy crap! I liked that even thought he was yelling and screaming, it didn't feel like a loony, over-the-top villain (like...Veronica Mars villains in the first two finales). It just felt like Miguel finally able to be himself and be angry. He's definitely more awesome as The Villain than The Annoying Friend.

And Miguel is totally in league with the Skinner just like everyone thought! Which explains his covering the camera from EVERYONE last week. I'm still not sure why he doesn't just tell him Freebo's dead, though. How much money is involved here? What's the Skinner's motivation? Why the hell is Miguel letting him go off on all these people for nothing? Does he think they deserve it? I'm still trying to reconcile our initial impressions of Miguel with how he's acting now. I would really like to believe that he hasn't been some huge criminal mastermind from the start, that he was only using Dexter for his methods. I want Dexter to have really pushed him over the edge morally to get his own hands dirty. Although, even without that, his giddy enthusiasm and desire to get right to the killin' make a lot more sense if he just needed to see Dexter in action. I mean, in retrospect, all those scenes do make a lot more sense. But I want Dexter to have had a real effect on him, want what we thought was going on to have actually been going on, partially.

LaGuerta ought to try macking on single guys for a change of pace.

And Angel! Almost went medieval on a guy and didn't! Good job, Batista. You made the right choice. You have no inner darkness.


The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I think Summer Glau was bored with this episode. I liked the concept of the episode: what does Cameron do all night? And the answer is...research? With Kevin Donnelly! (Also, Cameron, please bring me donuts. I have been craving donuts for days. I suppose I could just go buy one from the donut shop down the street. But not now, it's late.) About...KILLER ROBOTS IN THE ROARING TWENTIES WHAT. That idea sounds awesome on paper, but it just looked kind of silly on the screen. Plus, the T-888 looked too much like Brad Garrett. HOWEVER. The basic story there was kind of awesome. Ending up in the wrong year and accidentally killing an important person and having to make sure his life's work still gets done (although, man, don't you think bankrupting that other guy might have had some repercussions in the future?). And then he time traveled the long way Fortunado-style! Just so he could assassinate the California governor for some reason? That seems like an awful lot of work.

But forget that: THE THREE DOTS ARE A STARDATE! Right? But not the one Stark was supposed to go to, or the story's over, and that's no fun. I think the payoff of that storyline was pretty damn cool, but getting to that point was kind of slow and plodding in a way. But it was interesting to see Cameron interact with someone else, I guess.

John and Riley, whatever. That's the first time they've actually kissed, right? They've practically been dating for seventeen years, but I don't think we've seen them be explicitly a couple until now. The best part of that whole storyline was watching John wail on that dude. Like mother, like son.

Ah well. This was clearly an episode designed to give most of the main cast some time off and, I don't know, dress people up in 1920s garb for some reason.


Evil Sensei Dixon! He's no Sensei Ping, but that's okay.

You know, Chuck does seem to get himself in an awful lot of trouble. But I guess he evens it out by saving the day?

I think they should explore the relationship between Casey and Sarah more. What's it like working together? Being partners? In the early days of the show, it seemed to be a big deal that they were from different agencies, but now that's hardly touched on.

I'm surprised they went with "Eye of the tiger, buddy" rather than "Sweep the leg, Johnny."

But then Josh Schwartz busted out with Probot! Ha! "Shake Your Blood"! I got that song from a CD Baby compilation! I never thought I would encounter it on a TV show.

"That seven years of MacGyver finally paid off." Ahahahahahaha. I heart you, show.

What's the deal with the parents? I don't remember. I guess their dad walked out on them at some point, obviously, but is their mom alive? Chuck is totally going to find their dad! He has resources!

Crisis on Infinite Heroes

Longest. Eclipse. Ever.

But there was actually some pretty cool stuff! First, however, we have to ignore the fact that at the end of the last episode, Noah had his sights pretty clearly on Sylar, because he apparently did not shoot and then just sat there watching Sylar and Elle have sex. But then he hunted them down with extreme vengeance, and it was awesome. (P.S. This week, Elle thinks Sylar is good and has changed. Sylar has decided that being good is boring and that in order to keep Elle from changing her mind, he will just kill her. Except he hasn't killed her yet because we didn't see it.)

Claire dies! Again. Who does she think she is, Buffy?

It was cool to see the Haitian being awesome! And...inspiring Nathan to remember that time he watched Spider-Man and what comes with great power. I don't know, man. Didn't you read Watchmen? This doesn't end well.

Daphne is cute and made a scarecrow! Except, oh my God, people on this show need to stop using the word "villain." No one says that! Daphne only gets a pass because she then calls herself "nemesis," which was Hiro's word for her. But geez. This show could be such an interesting morality tale about people with powers making choices if it weren't so heavy-handed about everything.

The stuff in Sam's Comics was pretty damn amusing. (Also, whichever one isn't Sam is named Frack. Ha.) I loved Seth Green and Breckin Meyer seeing their comic book come to life. "That was Matt Parkman." And then the geekery about Hiro and Claire having a proper scene together! Hee. And then, haaaaaa, the whole story he heard at a con. Awesome.

And then! "Bad man." BOOM! SWISH! SHAZAM! We have not seen Hiro badassery like that in quite some time. I was sitting there embarrassedly smiling in glee afterward because that was so cool and I AM JUST NOT USED TO THAT FROM THIS SHOW ANYMORE. Remember in the first season when that happened every week? Ten-year-old Hiro loses some Badass Points for putting Sylar and Elle in the same place, COME ON.

I don't understand what's so "Holy $@#&*" about the cliffhanger, Claire. None of that is new information, is it? Is it just because she's never time traveled before? Or, er, seen herself as a baby? That's probably it, I guess.

Oh! Oh! And I hope Noah's right about Sylar not really being a Petrelli. Because that was a stupid idea to begin with, and Angela and Arthur would totally lie to him about that.
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