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If my journal doesn't survive the move, please know that I loved you all.

Except you. Yeah, you.


Man, this whole Miguel thing makes me really really uncomfortable. I don't like his involvement, and I don't like Dexter sharing the Code and his methods with him. And aaaaaah holy shit is he seriously going off-book and killing that lawyer lady RIGHT NOW???? This is going to be such a fucking mess. Unless it's a booty call. It was either sex or murder.

Miguel is even creepier than Dexter. I both love it and hate it at the same time. It's kind of chilling to realize that all this time, Miguel has essentially been a serial killer waiting to happen. It's an interesting story to watch, but I'm not quite sure how believably they're selling it, since he seems so fucking blasé about it most of the time, so damn casual. Which, I suppose, is what makes him so batshit. The show is returning to some of those season one themes, the ways in which Dexter's "normal" and darkness don't make him that much different from us regular people.

I am really loving Harry-as-Dexter's-conscience, though. Or, not conscience, per se, but as a representative of his inner turmoil. Because even though he doesn't show it, we as the audience recognize that Dexter isn't actually talking to Harry's disapproving ghost or something: he's talking to himself.

But I'm not even sure where this is going! Like, it's walking the line between predictable and unpredictable. It makes me happy and uneasy at the same time. Like the blocks are falling neatly into place, except these blocks are icky. Miguel's obviously going to go too far, though. I can't see where else this story could go; there's no way this partnership is going to last very long. No one wants to see The Dexter and Miguel Show. Miguel's totally going to kill someone he shouldn't (like the lawyer lady). The problem is how is Dexter going to kill him and not get caught? He's the ADA! There'll be a huge investigation!

Anton! Nooooo, don't be skinned!

Aw, Angel.


"Guerrilla Radio" and "Du Hast"! Hee, good music this episode.

Sal! Aw, Turtle. It's cute. I like when he's likable and not just sex-obsessed and gross.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Oh man, so. It's the old "give the main character fever dreams" device. TERMINATOR CACTI OH NOES. I thought the obsession with the three dots was kind of silly because, um, Sarah, it's three dots. They make a triangle. It's not very special. BUT THEN THEY WERE ON THE BLOOD WALL WTF. I can't wait to see where this goes.

And Ellison totally stole the body and AAARGH HE IS SO MISGUIDED (AND HA HA HA HA HA CAMERON TURNED HIM OVER LIKE A LITTLE TORTOISE). Stop trusting the T-1001, dude! This is not going to end well! I mean, you are becoming part of the most ridiculously convoluted paradox of all, in which SKYNET CREATES ITSELF FROM THE FUTURE. I'm not sure how much I like that idea, honestly, as fun as it is, because from the movies, the whole wonderful monstrous freaky danger of SkyNet is that it just sort of...happens. It's that old Fear of Technology, the idea that we're reaching too far and one day something will trigger and boom. I like the suddenness of it. This seems so calculated and planned, as if it's not an enemy we create but an enemy yet to be created that we're already fighting.

And since we're into temporal paradoxes now...it's time for TIME TRAVEL HIJINKS THEATRE. The scenes with "Paul Stewart" gave me Henry Gale flashbacks, and I was really hoping that it would turn out he really was just this random guy and Jesse was crazypants. But I did not expect to get young Charles Fischer! Very neat. And then there was some very confusing stuff about kidnapping and torture and popcorn. I love that the show is acknowledging that what they've done already must have already had some ramifications in the future, and the existence of alternate futures is pretty damn cool, but if Jesse came from a different future, shouldn't she have ended up in a different present when she time traveled? I'm just saying.


Oh man, they should be chasing Guy La Fleur all the time. I love puzzles and shit! Fibonacci keys! Fruit punch poison! Mass spectrometry! CASEY SINGING A HIGH C!! (I laughed and laughed and laughed. Also, awesome that they let Sarah have a very plausible red herring guess first.)

I also like that the show was fairly clever—despite being really obvious—about the Hilarious Sexy Misunderstandings with Chuck and Sarah. And speaking of clever, so many props on hoodwinking me yet again: why do I never call the Random Buy More scene that will end up being a surprise plot point? Because I totally thought that, hello, they should just copy the damn files first, but I also thought that, you know, something encrypted that highly probably won't let you pop it in a computer and hit Ctrl-C. But no, no, no, they'd already gotten around that in the first fifteen minutes of the damn episode. Show, I continually applaud your ability to hide vital information in throwaway gags.

And then: nooooooo, everyone totally called it, but I didn't want it to be true! I was really hoping that Jill wasn't FULCRUM, but once that scene started, it was blindingly obvious what the outcome would be, and yet, the scene played really well, and it still had a good punch to it. Josh Schwartz knows his musical montages.

How I Met Your Mother


(Too soon?)

I thought Jillian looked really familiar, and I couldn't place her, so I looked her up...and it was Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Ha. Of course.

Also, it's like the show is reading my mind. Because I have totally been thinking, "Is Ted still an architect? Does he have a job? Does he work? We don't hear about Ted Mosby, Architect anymore."

Sven! Hee.

Good episode.

Crisis on Infinite Heroes

So Arthur Petrelli also has the power to cause people to revert to childhood states? Is this Super Pac-Man shit? So Hiro is ten years old now...like he wasn't already? But now he's age-traveled! (The references to current comic storylines were amusing.) Shrewd move, Petrelli. Although why he didn't just take his power is...well, there'd better be a damn good reason. Maybe he thought he might be the catalyst, even though he didn't find out about that until afterward.

So I was waiting for Sylar and Elle to have full-on hatesex. And then she Jean Greyed everything but his pants. AND THEN HE TOOK THE PAIN AWAY WITH THE POWER OF HIS EMPATHY OH MY GOD. What fun is Sylar if he's not poking around in people's brains? Now he's Peter 2.0! And he wants to be all good and stuff, but he's still on the side of the Villains. And so is Elle. And they'll eventually have full-on electrosex.

(Although, seriously, even their referencing the events of the last episode didn't make Elle's characterization make more sense. He was all, your father made you this way! Even though you were perfectly sane and normal one year ago! He brought you up crazy except for this one stretch of time where you were on really great drugs or something, and then you went crazy again.)

Claire pulled her awesome Jump Out the Window move! I love that shit! And now she's the specialest special again. Way to set things up seven episodes ago, show?

DAPHNE SAVED PAC-MAN WITH THE POWER OF HER LOVE OH MY GOD. This show is really sappy. And this episode was written by Tim Kring. Was Crossing Jordan really sappy?

Mohinder's character is completely plot-dependent, isn't it? I'm glad they're still giving him a developing rash thing, but he is no longer psycho and he doesn't spin webs out of his ass or anything. Did he get some sort of medication? I don't remember whether Pinehearst had any treatment for him, but it's like that whole Jeff Goldblum phase never happened.

I'm glad the Heroes and Villains have gathered in their respective locations, though. That's fun stuff, and now they can duke it out. And the eclipse is coming! What will it bring? WILL THEY ALL LOSE THEIR POWERS? WILL THEY ALL GET SECONDARY MUTATIONS? CLAIRE IS GOING TO TURN INTO A DIAMOND.
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