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If you are watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles but are not reading The Sarah Connor Comicals, you are...sorely deprived. They are absolutely hilarious and fiendishly clever. Easily the best thing to come out of this fandom. roxybisquaint:SCC::kroki_refur:SPN. You should definitely check it out, before the socialism.

And while I'm linking things, check out this awesome Star Wars/John Williams one-man a cappella tribute (or a "four-man a cap[p]ella tribute with a video of one man lip-synching to all four parts," to be more accurate), courtesy of murphy987.


Man, the recapper pegged the tree-trimmer from the beginning. Well done. Although it looks like the tree-trimmer was just the clue, not the suspect.

Miguel is out of his gourd. I think he might be crazier than Dexter. He definitely has a lot less self-control. I have a feeling he's going to go off the rails and kill someone, setting up Dexter to kill him. This is beginning to feel like Lilah redux, though. I am enjoying the "Dexter learns about friendship" storyline, however. I love how they highlighted how great a person Dexter looks to outsiders. And I like to think that their perception of him reflects back onto his reality.

This was the "Let's put blame on Deb" episode. But wooo, Deb/Bait!

Oh, Masuka.

Aw, Angel.

Thanks for making me afraid to eat key lime pie, show.


Holy shit, Sloan is hot.

I am very unsure about where this thing with Verner is going! He seems a bit...nuts. I hope this ends up okay for Vincent; he really needs this movie, dammit. I am very invested in the fictional career of this fictional movie star!

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I HEART NON-LINEAR NARRATIVE. I loved the way the episode was structured and how it served to highlight how interconnected the main characters are. I began to be a little disappointed once we hit "John's Story," which threatened to go on too long and be a boring "John and Riley's Story," but then it pulled the other stories together. I loved how this was, like, One Bad Day in the life of the Connors. You know, you're just going about your business, telling your son not to see that damn girl he's been hanging out with, and then you're kidnapped by a killer robot. I KNOW RIGHT? YOU WERE GOING TO MAKE SOME PANCAKES LATER. Or you're taking your girl on a crazy trip to Mexico and, what do you know, you get arrested! What a day, am I right? And then THIS KILLER ROBOT COMES IN AND STARTS SHOOTING EVERYONE! And, wait, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT FBI AGENT DOING THERE? AND...YOUR MOM IS IN THE TRUNK?? Geez, this is why you can't even go to the grocery store unsupervised.

I love the mundane intensity of it all, the unexpected WHAT THE CRAP. Thank God I didn't watch any previews because I was totally surprised at Cromartie's legs and suddenly Sarah's being dragged across the floor, and she's clawing at anything and everything to stop, and she's fighting for dear life, and she will lie to the killer's face to protect her son. And then she wakes up in a car, and she cuts herself free and THROWS HERSELF OUT OF THE FUCKING CAR. Which doesn't get her very far since she ends up in the trunk, where she immediately finds something sharp to continue to cut herself free, and I love how goddamn resourceful she is; this woman does not just lie down and give up. She's hardly fazed by the sounds she's hearing; who can imagine what the hell was going on all that time with the gunfire and the screaming?


And then they killed the shit out of him. They made him as efficient and successful and terrifying as he's ever been, and they take him out because anything less after this would be unsatisfactory, so why try? I'll miss Garret Dillahunt, though. Sarah going ballistic on the chip was kind of cliché, but I'll give her a pass since she'd just been kidnapped and shot at and all that, and plus, she'd just affirmed that she wasn't a murderer, so since she can't kill people, she has to release all that rage and tension somehow.

I can't remember what's up with Ellison and the Connors. Didn't he already figure out they were still alive last season? I liked the callback to "The Demon Hand," but I was confused about where they stood with each other. I know they haven't interacted at all this season since he's been hanging out with Catherine Weaver the whole time.

And I haven't even commented on the awesomely inappropriate bed moment with John and Cameron. Damn, robogirl.


I LOVE THIS SHOW. They give me a very pretty brunette to balance out the very pretty blonde. Monday night is my happy place. Stick around, Jordana Brewster! You rock those geek glasses, and your skin is preternaturally smooth.

And the Facebook joke cracked me up.

But this whole episode was just so great! And funny! And the Buy More stuff was pretty well integrated into the rest of the show, especially with the use of Awesome.

Yvonne Strahovski using her natural accent!

Also: "I was born ready!"/"I was born prematurely."

I need to buy the S1 DVDs now.

How I Met Your Mother

The hits just keep on coming! Classic HIMYM up to its old tricks: Barney-isms, flashbacks from two different perspectives, ironic intercutting, and an honest exploration of this crazy stage of people's lives.

You guys, NotAFathersDay.com is AWESOME. I love the "Notable Not-Fathers throughout history." And the postcards. Oh God, the postcards.

Drunk Baby Lily was over-the-top, but I still laughed.

Here's the question on everyone's mind: what were Barney and Robin doing that they broke Ted's ship in a bottle?

And now Robin's living with Ted! And she'll still be there when the goat ends up in his bathroom. When this year is that supposed to be?



EVEN HEROES WAS GOOD THIS WEEK. I was into it from start to finish.

Flint is Meredith's little brother! Holy crap! And they used to rob convenience stores together or something? I'm still unclear on what his power really is. He has blue fire, and she has...regular fire. Is there a difference in their powers? Also, this means Flint is Claire's uncle. She has got the most fucked-up family imaginable. Anyway: Eric Roberts! I forgot pretty much everything about his character. But Meredith worked for the Company for a spell? Did Bennet know? I'm trying to reconcile the timelines here. And the reveal that Meredith caused the train wreck flamer that Claire saves someone from? Awesome.

And Elle! Who is surprisingly well-adjusted, given that she was a total sociopath last season and it was implied that she'd been that way for a long, long time, having grown up at Primatech. Then again, that this girl is inside of her makes her later character adjustment more believable. The same holds true for Gabriel/Sylar, since they're selling us a redemption story this season. Interesting little tidbits there. Also, damn, Bennet was fucking cold back then, eh? But that's not the important part.


Arthur Petrelli is bad! And holy crap, Angela Petrelli got the Sandra Bennet treatment. I would never have suspected that. Think of how much more conniving and devious she'd be if she had remembered more stuff. And she killed Arthur! Or tried to. POISON! IN THE LENTIL SOUP! That woman. Thanks for making me afraid to eat lentil soup, show.

Loved the return to the first Bennet scene in the pilot. Nice. I'm trying to rearrange everything in my mind and fill in the missing pieces. I don't know if it all works out properly. But I'll take it.

As for the end, I'm with Hiro: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!111111111
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