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On this, my last night at home, I was reminded that we have Skinemax Cinemax, as I caught a glimpse of the title Passion Cove 2: Deep Desires on the guide. So I scurried upstairs to the master bedroom and locked the door to catch a little soft porn on the same big screen TV on which I had surreptitiously watched soft porn late at night as a teenager. I had just watched Chuck and Heroes with my little sister earlier, so I was expecting to have to bring up the guide to find the right channel.

I was a little surprised when the TV turned on and showed me a naked woman. Because it was already tuned to the channel.

And the only possible person who would have been watching the TV in my parents' bedroom after us was my dad.



I really love this show. It's so good. So good! Can we all agree on this? I love that it loves all its characters and makes an effort to develop even the secondary characters so that you feel that they have lives as rich and complex as the main characters.

That was the best fake marriage proposal ever. Tears! It was partly amusing because he was mimicking a delusional murderer, but when he went off-book, it was clear he meant it. Even though Dexter will never admit it (and his expression at the end shows his discomfort), he does have feelings for Rita as close to love as he could have. SHE MAKES HIM REAL YOU GUYS.


Oh man, I thought maybe they would make Ari a studio head to change things up, but maybe it would change the dynamic too much and not allow as much plausible face-time with the boys. It seemed like a win-win situation to me, but the scene with Vince and Radiohead was just so sad!


Jenny Burton! Sarah Walker is a much cooler name. But now I want to know more about her backstory! Because what did her dad do? How did he train her? Why did she have different names already? We'll probably never find out the name she was born with, huh. And how awesome that she was recruited by the Candyman?? Right out of high school! That crazy CIA.

The scenes with Chuck and Ben Savage were pretty amusing. "Mad Dog," hee. What was up with the red herring flash on the sleazeball, though?

Loved the 1998 musical soundtrack. Wait, holy crap, I was the damn class of 1999. My ten-year reunion is coming up. What the hell!

How I Met Your Mother

Whee, playing with narrative! That's the show I love. How hilarious was the fake future with Stella as the Mother and little blonde children?

Barney's "How can I have sex with Robin again?" board was AWESOME. Loved the little flashy text. And all the random equations. Of course, I also want to have sex with Robin. And Stella. And Stella's sister. (Stella? Stella's sister. Stella? Stella's sister.)

How long did Robin stay in Tokyo? Damn, I hope she hadn't fully relocated. And, what the hell, did she not check out the job AT ALL before taking it? Did she now know her co-host was a monkey with marshmallows? Oh well, Japanese television is funny.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

So glad we get a full season! I still feel like this show is like nothing else on TV. It just...has a thing about it, like it doesn't take the well-trodden path, and it challenges you to work for the complete value.

(Yay for the return of the Sarah voiceovers? I am one of the few people who liked them.)

Confirmation that Savannah is not a robot child! And that there is a worse mother on this show than Sarah Connor! Damn, RoboWeaver, you make your kid pee her pants. But, hey, look at Shirley Manson with the range! Her Catherine Weaver was just as natural as her "Catherine Weaver." I love that she apparently studies those videos in an attempt to better imitate her human imprint. Which recalls our good friend Allison from Palmdale, now that I think about it.

Baby Skynet!!! Likes hilarious third-grade puns!!!

Naked redhead on a bus! With really bad hair! Who then fixes her hair and puts on a flattering pink blouse and...engages in a ROBOT GIRLFIGHT. Which was awesome and hilarious. And then she got turned into a pretzel. Poor actress never got to say a line. Not even, say, "Pass the mustarddddddddddd."

John Connor therapy sessions make me sad. It's a little weird after the last episode when he seemed to be embracing his destiny, taking control of his future. Now he's halfway suicidal? (Cameron was an endless source of comic relief this episode. The suicide brochure! The opposite of foes!) And we finally get the answer to the Big Question from the premiere that, like, I hardly realized existed until I started reading everyone's posts debating the issue. See what I mean about challenging you for the complete value?

Meanwhile, Derek Reese scores! With a spy or something. Iiiiiinteresting.

Crisis on Infinite Heroes

That...was an improvement! I don't know quite what it was, but I felt like it was better.

Even though they killed off Adam Monroe! No more Sark snark.

I really like Daphne. She's so cute! And I love her hair! And she's not that evil! I hope she stays. I loved that she was totally creeped out by Pac-Man's "Hey, you're my soulmate in the future, let's date!" And I love the way she speeds around. And back and forth! I liked the "Daniella" bit. Zoom zoom!

(High-five to the turtle.)

So I guess my idea from last week regarding Hiro "killing Ando" was a leetle too convoluted, even for this show. Sometimes, you've just got to go with Occam. I'm still confused about the reason Hiro is trying to infiltrate the villains (and could they stop calling them that, seriously?). To retrieve that formula, right? I think that's it.

Hiro vs. Mr. African's Shovel was funny. Hiro vs. Mr. African's Shovel: The Rematch Except It Actually Happened Before the First Time was also funny! You guys know what I say about time travel hijinks.

It was pretty obvious that the Puppetmaster scene was going to end with Claire getting shot, and I was sort of surprised that it was not as completely obvious to Meredith and...I've forgotten Mrs. Bennet's first name. But she's back to being awesome! "One of us, one of them"!! Heeeeee.

You know who else is awesome? Tracy! You use that freeze power, girl.

I like how in the episode where the writers show off Peter's multiple powers that they seem to have rarely used this season, they strip him of all of them! Aaaah, Papa Petrelli! I was thinking we needed another character with way too many powers! But I guess it's an even exchange, and also Sylar is less evil these days so I suppose you'll do, as long as you remember all the powers you have and use them when they are appropriate. Regular Peter, for instance, unlike his future counterpart, appears to often forget that he can teleport and freeze time. Now that you are an evil, unkillable superbeing with dominion over time and space, I expect you to cause MAXIMUM HAVOC. Got it?
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