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What's That Coming over the Hill?

WHAT THE FUCK, PHOENIX?? Time did not change, and Entourage was still on at 10:00, but network shows started an hour early?? I totally missed Chuck. I mean, I guess if I had known it was on at 7 instead of 8 I wouldn't have gone out to dinner, and then I wouldn't have experienced the hilarity of a Canadian guy asking what an enchilada was.

The Heroes

Holy God, is "monster" the new "maverick"?

Bubbles!! I think his vortex power was a little too sci-fi even for this show, but it's not like the writers care about internal consistency at all at this point. I like how the vortexes (vortices?) engage in selective sucking. But, hey, guess we don't have to deal with them anymore anyway since...what the hell, they only got Andre Royo for one episode? It looked like his name was in the main credits back in the second episode when I guess we were supposed to have seen a picture of him.

Sylar lost all his powers at some point, right? That's why he had to get Claire's power again? Because, otherwise...HE TOTALLY HAS SUPERHEARING, WHAT THE HELL.

I am less annoyed about Nathan having fake superpowers now than I thought I would be from the preview, if only because the exchange between him and Tracy was awesome ("You think God gave us these abilities?" "Who else?" "A doctor in Reseda. [Dumbass.]") Although, ha, this is sort of the reverse of the Cloak and Dagger story.

I am not sure I believe a word that comes out of Angela Petrelli's mouth.

I just realized that Daphne reminds me of Chiana. She has a similar way of moving. Plus, the crazy hair. Also, kind of amoral. And possibly kinda racist? I mean, she flips through folders and sees a black guy and an Indian guy and declares, "These are some nasty people." Bitch! It sure didn't look like she actually read anything about them; I couldn't see anything obvious and in big letters. Maybe she READS fast too. We'll go with that, since she's cute.

I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention so I missed what happened with Adam. Did Marlo stuff him into a van that sped away or something? The whole barkeep thing was basically a setup so he could escape? And then Marlo and Daphne approach Hiro and Ando for...some reason? And then HIRO KILLS ANDO WTF THIS IS TOTAL AND COMPLETE BULLSHIT. That can't be for real. Hiro probably stopped time and went to the future and switched Ando out with the Ando in the future and killed Evil Future Ando instead, and since Evil Future Ando is from the timeline that's going to be overwritten, all will be well.

I...actually think that might be what they're going to do. Because there is just no way that Hiro would actually kill Ando, especially that blithely.

I'm so glad the fake Lindermans are courtesy of Papa Pac-Man! Because that makes some semblance of sense. At least moreso than the whole thing made before. And he's working for...PAPA PETRELLI WTF YOU TOTALLY KILLED YOURSELF BACK BEFORE SEASON ONE EVEN STARTED. CONGRATULATIONS, HEROES, YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING COMIC BOOK NOW THAT THE SHOW SHOULD BE CALLED CRISIS ON INFINITE HEROES.
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