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Bedtime Stories from the Apocalypse

Kelli and I tried to get into a free preview of Body of Lies tonight, but it filled up. But, whatever, movie, because we totally had a good time anyway. My company was having a reception a few blocks away with lots of fancy food to munch on, so I brought her along. I didn't know whether it was really kosher to just bring a friend who wasn't a significant other, so I didn't make a big deal of it. We ate fancy food and ice cream sundaes and took lots of crazy photo booth pictures wearing silly hats and glasses.

And as we were leaving, we ran into the IT department. Kelli introduced herself, and we all talked a bit, and as they left, they all gave her a "Nice to meet you!"

So now they think we're totally dating. I anticipate some amusing conversations tomorrow at work.


This show is so funny. I think this is the funniest episode in a while. Dexter gets off a lot of zingers. "This police force is becoming annoyingly effective."

To my surprise, I really liked how they played the pregnancy storyline in this episode, the way Dexter thinks not only of the basic question of whether he should have a child but how that would affect his chosen lifestyle. I found it interesting that he didn't even consider giving it up. That didn't even cross his mind. It was kind of sad. (But how adorable was it when Angel got all cheered up because Dexter was going to have a kid? AWW.)

The end had me so fucking tense! And...holy shit, show. I didn't think the case would be over so quickly! They faked us out with the seasonal arc! I totally shut it off before the preview kicked into gear because I now have no idea where this story is going. Awesome.


This episode was alternately boring and hilarious. Lloyd time was fun, but it feels like they're spinning wheels right now. Either commit to a plotline of getting Vince into this damn movie or commit to SOMETHING ELSE, for God's sake.

duchessdogberry thinks E was faking being on shrooms. His not talking was awesome. Did Drama forget to spice up his peanut butter sandwich?

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I have issues with the fact that the robots cannot do SIMPLE MATH and figure out how old Martin Biddell should be in 2007. I mean, for God's sake, the three Martins were each TWENTY YEARS APART. You'd think they could have had a ballpark idea. For one, that first guy? WAS OLDER THAN THE MARTIN IN THE FUTURE. Jesus, Skynet. Buy a calculator.

I also have issues with the school randomly hiring Derek right off the street. What. The. Fuck?

Those issues aside, it was a good episode, especially for Derek and John, of course. It gave us some good insight into John, I think, really showing us the pressure he's under with his messianic destiny constantly held over his head.

I think this show is way more interested in showing us Sarah-as-mother than Sarah-as-badass, so her threat to Derek rang kind of false, although she does get her occasional badass moment. I liked her taking care of little Martin, though, as it made me think of how she might have been with little John. Cameron was hilarious ("Would you like to hear a bedtime story?"), but I wish there'd been a little more remnants of the last episode. She seemed like regular, non-malfunctioning Cameron.

Shirley Manson is SO WEIRD. I don't know whether she has any versatility as an actress, but she's somehow perfect for this part because, what the hell, Catherine Weaver? You are SO WEIRD. Really cool to see the nuclear plant episode come back into play. We do love our continuity.

The Wizard of Oz reading scene was kind of fabulous.

Dodge Ram: it'll hold all your guns, fuckers.


Chuck and Sarah are so adorable. I'm just saying.

And Zachary Levi is just so awesome. He cracked me up multiple times in this episode. Oh, show.


How I Met Your Mother

Poor NPH's arm, HOMG.

This is two episodes in a row that have been very New York-y. Is New Jersey really that bad? My boss is from New Jersey!

Marshall's "I hate New York" speech was awesome. And while at first I thought it was out of nowhere and out of character, I can totally buy it from Marshall because he grew up in a rural area, so he's far more apt to hate the urban jungle. (Best little detail of the episode: Marshall eating a plate full of samples.)


The Heroes

Oh, show. I don't know what to do with you. Tracy and Niki and Barbara/Jessica all got their powers from injection? I'm fine with injections in the future, but in the past? For characters we already know? Way to undermine the original premise of the damn show, show.

The cells at Primatech all have dampeners or something, right? Because otherwise I cannot understand why Hiro did not just teleport himself out of there. I would give the show the benefit of the doubt, but this show also forgot that Peter could walk through walls, so who knows?

I am not a fan of Harvey Linderman. Why is he even there? He doesn't appear to be offering any useful advice to Nathan, and I feel like he's already said things out of the realm of Nathan's knowledge. This is weird because I normally love this device...on better written shows, it seems.

People say it all the time, but I don't notice it all the time. But, damn, this show has some bad dialogue.

I have no idea what the hell is going on in the damn future. Future Claire has gone excessively murderous and is teamed up with Marlo and Daphne, of all people? And Daphne randomly marries Pac-Man and has a kid? And doesn't have as cool hair? Come to think of it, she had weird hair on FNL too. I think she looks better with weird hair. Also, what the fuck, Pac-Man? You're going to go find Daphne and warn her that four years in the future, you're going to be blown up? Yeah, that's a great strategy. You know what would be a better strategy? Staying the fuck away from her to keep her from Molly.

Pac-Man's buddy is pretty awesome, though. "You don't read much, do you?" Haaaaaaaaa.

Sylar named his kid NOAH. Ha! Aw! And...oh fuck, that probably means he dies in that timeline. Fix it, Peter, fix it! I think he's now my favorite character because of all my favorite characters, he seems to be the only one who has retained a consistent characterization for the most part! Um, Bennet, not Peter.

I am mixed on The Hunger. On the one hand, I can see where they got the idea, and I like that they're calling attention to Sylar's base power and the fact that it does have multiple effects, that it's the reason he's such a great villain. Because he understands How Things Work. But the reason he has The Hunger is THAT HE'S A SOCIOPATH. Peter's cracky-editing Nathan's motivations? Lame. We've never seen Sylar's power work that way. Maybe we just never saw it from his perspective, but still, it's not like he walks into a room and magically knows why you're doing what you're doing. It should be more subtle than that. REMEMBER SUBTLETY, SHOW?

I love that Future Mohinder has gone full-on Sureshfly. Also that skin peeling off his back is diagnosed as a "rash." Also, shut up, Maya. But nice cleavage, FYI.

The fight in Costa Verde was pretty awesome. I loved Daphne zooming around and beating the crap out of Peter, and I loved Marlo feeding on little Noah's fear to fight Sylar. And I loved that Sylar went nuclear, like we all thought was going to happen in season fucking one.

I watched the first part of the preview for next week, but then Promo Guy put on his Big Dramatic Spoiler voice, so I quickly shut it off.

I like polls!

Poll #1273954 No Spoilers!

Which of these is most likely to happen in the future?

Hiro is revealed to be a Petrelli.
Daphne zooms around the world and turns back time to save the day.
Claire and Adam hook up and have lots of immortal babies.
Nathan saves the world with his love for Peter. Again.
Pac-Man does anything useful.
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