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Six Degrees of Television

These Monday night posts are getting to be quite jam-packed.


The show is back, yaaaaay. I'm liking how they're continuing to explore Dexter's character, now making him accidentally break the Code, which may cause him to have actual FEELINGS. I do wonder whether every season is going to be Dexter Tries to Avoid Being Caught While Investigating His Own Crime. I mean, I guess I don't know what other stories they should do; the Ice Truck Killer was sort of a one-shot deal. But it would be nice to do something like that again next season; I really liked the idea of a communication between serial killers.

I'm liking the police department storyline, with Detective Sergeant Angel (woo!) and foul-mouthed Deb working for her badge. And some jerkass named Quinn who has done something mysteeeeerious. And an IA chick named Yuki!

I saw the pregnancy thing coming about halfway through as I tried to figure out what the Big Thing at the end of the episode would be. Oh, pregnancy storylines. Why so inevitable?


Okay, this was a pretty great episode. It's Entourage's one trick, but they pull it off so damn well all the time, and I'm really really loving watching E do his thing.

Those writers are really irritating, though.

Drama's drama is...unfortunate.

Oh, and I love Shauna.

I also love that Vince is being so accommodating, accepting a secondary role instead of the lead as long as he gets to be in a good movie. He does have the right idea.


Oh my God, I do love this show. WELCOME BACK, SHOW. It's just so great and fun and clever and holy God, Sarah is pretty. She looks way hotter in that orange tank top than she ever did in that ridiculous Wienerlicious costume.

The Call of Duty fakeout was frickin' sweet. I love the way this show turns throwaway gags into plot points.

I love that Casey was having such trouble killing Chuck. Awww. How sweet. But then they blew up Tony Todd!! Crap! FULCRUM THANKS YOU. I ONLY HAVE VAGUE RECOLLECTIONS OF WHO OR WHAT FULCRUM IS BUT I REMEMBER THEY ARE THE BAD GUYS SO THAT WAS AWESOME.

Lester Jeff freaks me the hell out now. Moreso than before, I suppose.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Holy crap, this episode. That was a trip. I suppose the subtitle is "Summer Glau's Emmy Reel."

I loved the way the flashbacks...er, flashforwards? were intercut, especially because we weren't really certain what the full deal was. And I loved that it actually worked, like you could see Cameron sort of working through the Allison scenes throughout the episode in that exact chronology. I mean, this was full-scale robot identity crisis, and she had to sort of process how she became who she is by, in a way, living through that transformation once again. And I loved that it wasn't a complete transfer; it's not like she was just repeating all of Allison's lines whenever. The lines that came out were sort of...filtered through the modern reality. What I'm saying is: mad props, Toni Graphia.

When Infiltration Model Cameron killed Allison Young, it was like a punch to the gut. I mean, who was that girl, really? She lied about the bracelet; she could have been lying about the rest as well. But she was just a girl "chosen" by John Connor for some reason, and the robots decided to turn her into their next model. Her personality and fake history lives on in machine form. It was just really sad to watch her die, despite only officially "meeting" her this episode. Except we've known her along, of course. She's the human version of Cameron. She's basically Cameron's soul.

(Did you see Cameron's tears? SHE KNOWS NOW WHY WE CRY.)

I really liked Jody for some reason. Even if she was a big fat liar. But she was such a nice contrast to Riley, who makes no sense at all. Jody seemed like a regular, real girl, who might actually bond with Cameron in jail and start a vaguely slashy friendship with her.

And aaaaah, Ellison is joining forces with Catherine Weaver! THIS WILL NOT END WELL. CAN YOU NOT HEAR THE EEEEEVIL IN HER SCOTTISH BROGUE? I am totally baffled as to when Catherine Weaver ends and when "Catherine Weaver" begins. Because the helicopter accident was real, and it's still unclear as to how that really went down, although...could that be Ground Zero? T-1001 kills the both of them in the crash and then takes over Catherine's life? Including her very redheaded daughter? Unless she made a baby robot, which...damn.

This show requires so much thinking afterward.

How I Met Your Mother

Not as funny as last week's, but still entertaining. Oh, Marshall. I understand your situation! Except I think whenever I try the Best Sandwich Ever again, it's not as amazing as it is the first time. I guess it can never be. Although now I really want a (turkey) burger.

Million Dollar Heads or Tails is awesome.

The Heroes

Man, Francis Capra got a shitty deal. Barely gets any lines, the majority of the time his character is being played by Milo Ventimiglia and he's only seen in reflections, and a couple minutes after he actually gets to play the character, he gets killed. What the fuck?

Oh, Jessalyn Gilsig! Always trouncing in unwanted into other people's households! I guess we can be thankful you didn't try to suffocate Julie in a cargo box.

I am still enjoying the Hiro/Ando/Daphne shenanigans. With bonus Haitian!

I keep thinking the Magical Negro is calling Matt "Pac-Man." Also, does he have some sort of speshul destiny now? I mean, this guy has been painting his life for years. Just his life! That's got to get really irritating. I wonder what he's listening to on his headphones.

Poll #1269586 Jammin'!

What is he listening to?

Tegan and Sara - Painting Songs
Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
Rilo Kiley - Paint's Peeling
Of Montreal - Forecast Fascist Future
Matthew Good Band - The Future Is X-Rated
MGMT - Future Reflections
Our Lady Peace - The Wonderful Future
Silversun Pickups - Future Foe Scenarios
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Art Star
Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot
Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl

As my icon illustrates, pairing anyone with Sylar is comedy gold! At least this time Noah knows he is Sylar and plans to kill him. Fun times! I did love Sylar putting on an accent and pretending to be a FBI agent. I have got to try that one of these days.

I don't remember what that one guy's power was supposed to be. It looked like telekinesis, but maybe he only has the power to close blinds? I guess it doesn't matter now since Marlo punched through him. That was pretty awesome.

Tracy is a clooooooooooone!! How many Ali Larters are there running about with crazy powers? She could be the next Tricia Helfer!

This show used to require some thinking afterward. Now we just sort of go along for the ride, wondering what the hell they'll do next.
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