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Monday Monday Monday

It's Tegan and Sara's favorite day! Or least favorite, I guess. For everyone else, it's Kill Your DVR Night. And it only gets worse next week.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Solidly awesome episode! I liked how the first scene was shot sort of like a Western (since...they were out in the West). I also liked how completely clueless Charley was in deciphering Sarah's seekrit code. In his defense, she was confusing as hell, and I thought she was giving him up for dead too.

I think Riley's rack is as big as Busy Philipps's belly. Daaaamn. But what is up with her? She totally did the Terminator head-tilt to Cameron! IF SHE FLIPPED HER HAIR, SHE'D OWN HER.

Cromartie doesn't like doing things the easy way. "Hm. I could walk out and shoot them all...or I could drive away and let a refrigerator cell phone tower fall on the house with them in it. Hm." Seriously, though, I totally loved that whole plan with the elaborately constructed fake bomb. Well played, Cromartie. Although he has this weird habit of leaving people alive. I mean, he could have killed Penny beforehand and sabotaged the car while Charley was crying over her body. But I guess that would have been less fun.

Poor Penny! I figured they might off her since she wasn't doing much besides Being Charley's Wife, and now there's more sexual tension! Or not, given that I'm pretty sure he'll blame Sarah.

Shirley Manson was much better in her scenes in this episode! Take that, first-day jitters. But watch out, Ellison! I wonder how much of her cover story is legitimate. Does "Catherine Weaver" have a real history with a family and dead husband or whatever?

Santa Monica Pier! I was totally there! Hee. The chase was great, although I don't quite get how John get away. Cromartie got John's coat and then...sort of let him go? Surely, he could have swum after him. And why the hell doesn't Cameron swim? The T-888s can swim, but the 'bot you send to protect yourself from them can't?? LAME, FUTURE JOHN.

Finally, thank God Cromartie found out the code. Because now they have to change it. DON'T TELL RILEY.

How I Met Your Mother

latropita: tris and i have concluded, through scientific research, that himym is 300% better than the finale
spectralbovine: Yay!!
spectralbovine: HELL YES.
spectralbovine: And I even liked the finale.
spectralbovine: Or something.

WELCOME BACK, SHOW!! You've still got it. It started off a bit awkwardly—minus the Marshall "What are you doing?" gag, which was superhilarious—but once it hit a groove, bam.

spectralbovine: DID HE JUST KILL STELLA???
latropita: cow!
latropita: this is how i met your mother, not how i wound up in prison!

The Stella storyline was good and funny—Ted's answer to "What color are her eyes?" was awesome—but then it led to one of the best lines in the entire series, which I must now quote for everyone's enjoyment:

The only people in the universe who haven't seen Star Wars are the characters IN Star Wars, and that's 'cause they lived them, Ted: they lived the Star Wars.

It's the "the" that makes it art. As it so often is, really.

121 AWESOME MINUTES LATER: so is that the original or special edition?

And then there was a bunch of Star Wars hilarity and favorite-movies-as-a-metaphor-for-people, and I heart you, show.

Meanwhile!! Barney! In love with Robin! And doing a terrible job of it! Oh man, I wondered how they would manage to continue that and still have Barney keep his bite, and...they just went ahead and did it, and it worked, and we all laughed. Also, I love the relationship between Lily and Barney. I think this started back when she stayed at his apartment, right? She's gotten to know that side of him; none of the other gang have spent a substantial amount of time in his pad.

I think it's weird that Robin seems to be completely oblivious, given that they shared A Look in the finale. But I guess she figures that Barney didn't make a move in four months, so.

And then the end! With the bimbo! And at least the Robin stuff was true! I MISSED YOU, UNRELIABLE NARRATOR HUMOR.

spectralbovine: YAY EPISODE.
latropita: WASN'T IT FUN?
spectralbovine: YES.

The Heroes

Well, it certainly feels like an improvement over season two so far! At least you can't say nothing's happening. Because everything's happening. I think this show has stopped trying to make sense, and it's kind of awesome.

We begin with time travel hijinks! MY FAVORITE KIND OF HIJINKS.

So the answer to the great mystery of the S2 finale...is someone no one could have possibly predicted because the motivations are set up in the first few minutes of the S3 premiere. Er. Strike pass!

So how the fuck did Nathan survive? Did I miss something? Linderman is just his imaginary friend, so who really healed him? Future Peter? God? It was God, wasn't it. There's a lot of God and angel talk lately, eh?

This show really only has one plot, and it just keeps reusing it in different ways. It's always OMG THE WORLD IS GOING TO BE DESTROYED I HAVE SEEN THE FUTURE. I mean, at least they vary it up each time, but, really, they keep averting world-destroying futures! The pandimensional trash heap is getting full.

I really like the speedster chick! The effect is really cool, and she's cute. Oh, she's the cute chick from FNL! That explains it. She looks older now that she's not playing a high school student. But she's fun, and it's nice to give Hiro someone he can't easily defeat. I wonder what this magically evil formula is and where the other half is and who her boss is and, hey, it's got all the elements of a fun quest. Much better than Hiro's storyline last year. At least it didn't take him three episodes to open the safe.

And Claire! Being stalked by Sylar in her house! That was scary and well done, although...how did Sylar burn out the light bulbs? Everything else was telekinesis, but...that's just a cool effect. Anyway, it was interesting to see what Sylar actually does with his victims, which is sort of what we all suspected, although I still can't quite figure out what he did. I mean, he found Claire's power in her brain, but how did he acquire it? I guess that's part of his base power. Anyway, I hope Claire is on her way to being awesome again. This whole feeling-no-pain thing is new and could bring her back to the powers-angst of S1 as opposed to the daddy-angst of S2.

Mohinder! Oh, Mohinder. I wondered how long it would take for them to get tired of having a major character without a power (hell, with Ando powered up in the future, only Mr. Bennet hypothetically remains). The unpowered people are important, dammit! But, hey, instead, Mohinder can turn into Spider-Man. And then RE-ENACT THE FLY. HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS THEY WERE RIPPING IT OFF SCENE FOR SCENE IT WAS AMAAAAZING. NEXT WEEK HIS EAR IS GOING TO FALL OFF, AND HE WILL BEGIN VOMITING ACIDIC JUICES OVER HIS DONUTS.

Tracy! Oh, Tra—wait, who the fuck are you? Aren't you Niki/Jessica? And didn't you die? And don't you NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO FREEZE PEOPLE WTF. Someone speculated that she's the real Jessica, Niki's dead twin, and...that makes about as much sense as anything. Maybe Niki's multiple personalities all have different powers. Because that's all we need: another person with way too many powers. Although at least they've depowered Sylar...again (how did that happen? I forget). I think having lots of powers is awesome, but it ends up limiting you storywise.

Parkman! You...have found your own personal Magical Negro. Well done.

I forget what the hell Bennet was doing in Level 5. I've forgotten a lot, maybe. But Bob! Aw, Bob! And I thought Elle was vaguely joining the good guys at the end of last season. Wasn't there some sort of smile at doing good or something? Why'd she go back to the Company? Now she's got nowhere to go, though. She'll have to go find Weevil! Heeeeey, Weevil!

Weevil...who is being inhabited by Peter Petrelli somehow because Future Peter can...do that shit?? But Weevil is hanging with Marlo!! And somewhere, there is or will be Bubbles!! I saw him in the credits!

Future Peter is so much better than regular Peter.

Firestarter mom! Yay!

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