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What Manner of Chicanery Is This?

A post! About television shows! HOW NOVEL.


Who's still watching Entourage? Come on, it's still fun! I'm loving E the Suit, with his own agency and his two +1 clients. And I like motivated Vince! I want to see him play the game and charm the pants off more than just sexy ladies, although he can still keep doing that, because damn. Entourage is sort of the ultimate male fantasy show, isn't it.


The Sarah Connor Chronicles

After the robots and car flips and explosions of last week, this week was a little slower, but I still liked it. It was definitely a setup episode, although I'm really confused about the high school situation. They found a new house, but is that a completely different school? Is Morris no more? No more mysterious Cheri? Or psychologically torturous graffiti? Instead we get random Riley, who befriends John for no apparent reason and stays the night and builds him a robot and LEARNS HIS SECRET NOT-A-ROBOT SIGNAL. I don't know what her deal is. But she looks like Emilie de Ravin, so I guess she can stay.

I'm loving what's going on with Cameron. When she explodified (tm M.I.A.), she CAME BACK WRONG. Or right. Depends on how you look at it. But given that she manually overrode her TERMINATION order last week, it seems like she's got the robot equivalent of free will. She even cracked a smile after hustling those guys at pool. And now she's thinking about what to do? Yet, through all this, she remains a toaster through and through.

Wall of bloody coded messages! Woohoo. Way to be less direct, The Future.


I swear, minutes after I had the thought, "You know, I'd like to see Mary-Louise Parker's boobs"...there they were.

How did people feel about this season? I wasn't a huge fan at first, but once I got used to the paradigm shift, I got into the new story. I'm sad to see where Shane's ended up, but Silas sure has grown. I feel like I should be having sex with Julie Bowen. I don't feel like I should be having sex with Maria the Mermex, though; I was never sure whether we were supposed to actually think she was as "beautiful" as Doug thought she was.

I never considered Andy/Nancy before, but, hey, if any show would go there, it's this one. And Arrested Development.


I liked the second episode more than the pilot. It was less boring. And funnier, I think. It's got a definite X-Files vibe to it, which is fine by me. I like that they try to make everything all scientific, even when their pseudoscience is completely bogus. I don't have a Ph.D. in neurology or anything, but I'm not certain muscle relaxants will have an effect on retinal neurotransmitters. Still, whatever, Pacey defibbed a chick with magic electroshock.

So he's a clone? That's the obvious assumption, which means it is the wrong one. But what the hell was that final shot all about?


Murder-of-crows title card!

I was completely unspoiled for the premiere, so I didn't know that it would begin with Dean Buffying his way out of the grave! I figured we would spend some Dean-less episodes with Sam trying to get him back or something. But, no, they even managed to put today's date on the newspaper! Well played, props and scheduling departments! It was a very cool way to do the premiere, with no one knowing how the hell he got out of Hell.

And the answer is...an ANGEL. With shadow wings. That was a really fucking cool way to do that. Well played, show. I love how this show expands its mythology every season, even though it never seems to make sense in retrospect. The world keeps getting bigger and bigger when it's convenient to do so, but one wonders where all these angels and demons (cf. Dan Brown) were the first couple seasons. Now we've got the motherfucking Lord in the house. I can't remember whether we've ever had confirmation regarding Satan. Anyway, I'm sure if you go back over the show with each revised and expanded mythology you'll find inconsistencies, but whatever, it's fun. It's easier to follow when I only need to remember this season's worldview.

Dean Winchester, on a mission from God!

Sam Winchester, on a mission...with Ruby! Who is now a brunette who talks kind of funny. Cognitive dissonance here. I didn't have a problem with Katie Cassidy, so this new girl is weird for me. I don't know what they're doing together (besides dancing around in their underwear), but SAM WINCHESTER CAN KILL DEMONS WITH HIS FORCE GRIP.

I do like this show's fondness for brunettes, by the by. Like that psychic. And Seelix the demon waitress! Too bad they had to lose their eyes. THANKS A LOT, CASTIEL.

Also, Bobby is awesome, but that's a given.

Let's rock, show.
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