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Birthday 12 of 12!

I've never done a 12 of 12 before, so I thought what better day to do one than on my birthday! Right? It was pretty fun to do, although, as expected, I have to throw in some bonus pictures.

This is me, in the morning, after checking my million Facebook Wall posts and LiveJournal comments. I am still tired.

I strolled into work around 10:00. Welcome to my cubicle, guys!

There was a caricature artist on-site one day, and he decided...that I should be on a magic carpet? Because I'm Indian? And...we ride magic carpets?

Also say hello to Dr. Gumby up there.

Work work work, and then, finally, I could break for lunch and Runaways. What were they serving in Cafe Ethicalmedical.net today?

Hawaiian teriyaki bowl! Which is not as good as the other chicken teriyaki bowls we get. We have a well-stocked fridge and freezer. No one goes hungry!

It's time for your first BONUS PICTURE. This is not part of the 12.

But look at that first panel! Look familiar? Oh, the attention to detail.

Work work work, and then my boss gave me a birthday card from the team.

But they didn't get me nothing! They got me a Borders gift card! Woooo.

A little after 4, I decided to just leave because I had a headache and it was my birthday. So say goodbye to my desk, guys.

I headed to Borders. Despite my dilemma, I figured that it was my goddamn birthday, and I was going to make myself happy by getting the Runaways trades I needed from Borders with the gift card and support my comic book store in other ways.

footage not found

Yeah, Borders didn't have them in stock. Whores.

Next stop, library! To pick up a Runaways trade on hold.

Library! I went to the library specifically to include it in my Birthday 12 of 12 since the library makes me happy. Because they give me books. And cute librarians. You cannot tell from the back, but that girl is cute, I promise.

Next stop, comic book store! To read Ex Machina and buy a Runaways trade. And here you get another BONUS PICTURE:

Comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiics. I used to go on Saturdays because it was convenient to walk down there in the afternoon, but now I go on Thursdays because this really cute girl works there. But I had skipped out on cute girl time to see The Incredibles with Rachel, so I got to see who worked there on Friday! Turned out there was another cute girl, though more geeky-cute.

There's my comic book store! That kid was amusing. He read the first couple Anita Blake novels, and the woman was all, "Oh my God, stop reading now before you get to all the inappropriate sex." We had a conversation about The Office and liking comedy versus not liking comedy (as the woman did).

Next stop, hooooome. After I fielded some birthday phone calls from my mom—who had forgotten it was the 12th until my sister reminded her—and Ravi, I settled down to chill on my couch and watch Spaced, as per my Tolerable List.

The monochromatic nature of this photo amuses me.

I should note that at this point in the day, I still kind of felt blah and crappy. I think my headache was subsiding thanks to the Aleve, but I wasn't feeling very personable. Spaced made me laugh, though.

Finally, however, it was time to go out and face the evening. Rebecca (beeker121) was at the BART station, so I drove down. My day got instantly better when she hugged me. Dan (incidentist) missed the BART train, so we went to go pick him up, as we presumed it would be faster. On the way, I chatted with my littlest cousin, who was all, "Driving is scary" and "That sounds like sooooo much fun" and "That is interesting what you're listening to."

Dinner was at Zza's on Grand. And they had crayons!! So, of course:

I ordered the chicken lasagna, the special lasagna of the day, since I'd never seen chicken lasagna on a menu before. And you get to see it because it is your final BONUS PICTURE of the night!

The actual 12 of 12 picture, however, is this lasagna's-eye view.

My lasagna was mostly hot for a while, but it was very sauce-y and cheesy and chicken-y and good.

Dan and Rebecca! Wait, Dan and Rebecca? Dan and Rebecca! Ahahahaha. I totally did not catch that until now. Does that make me Casey? Although Rebecca's more of a Dana, given her stage managing.

After dinner, I dropped Rebecca off at the 19th St. BART, and she hugged me from the backseat. Perhaps we will see each other again in less than six months this time.

Then it was off to the Parkway Speakeasy! We got there just after Lisa (danea) and Rick (ellric) had gotten there. I recognized some books in Rick's hands and asked him if he were reading Sandman.

No, they were for me! Birthday gifts! Two of the three Sandman trades I was missing!! (Except...it turned out one of them was one I already had, since I had neglected to update my Amazon Wish List. Oooops. But we will get it worked out, and with the help of the Borders gift card, I will be able to complete my collection and let my neighbor borrow the series! She finished Neverwhere less than 24 hours after I lent it to her.)

At the ticket window, I said, "It's my birthday." And I showed my ID. And ta da! FREE MOVIE.

At Zza's, Dan had encouraged me to get a Coke, presumably because I wasn't going to be paying for dinner, but I stuck with water because I didn't want to assume. Rebecca told him to get me a Coke at the theatre, on her. Unfortunately, Parkway was a Pepsi place. So I asked for a lemonade instead. I was very confused at my first sip because it was...real lemonade. Made with actual lemons and sugar and stuff.

Lisa is being censored by the beer bottle. And, yes, they are sitting on a comfy couch. Because that's how the Parkway rolls.

Pineapple Express was really funny, though not as awesome as I had been led to believe. I appreciated that it was more about male friendship than smoking pot. Bromance is totally in these days.

Then I dropped everyone off and went home. Birthdays spent with friends are the best!
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