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I Don't Understand How Someone Can Really BE Racist. Don't They Feel Kind of...Ridiculous?

Last night was finale-tastic! And, hey, let's throw a couple other shows from this week into the mix for good measure.

How I Met Your Mother

I was told this episode was really awful, but I didn't think it was that bad, especially since I had independently identified "The Platinum Rule" as being awful, and this episode at least had a plot. No, I have no desire to see Britney Spears on the show, although it's clear she's become a necessary evil. Damn you, ratings!

Ted was not pulling off those red cowboy boots.

I thought the fact that Lily's paintings have a calming effect on dogs was amusing.

It wasn't the best episode or anything, but I didn't hate it. It's sad to have just gotten into the show when people seem to be ragging on it. I hope the finale makes everyone happy again.


This show has improved greatly post-strike. The addition of Ken Marino was great, and I hope he comes back next year. I'm also really glad they let Andie into the group because that whole schtick was becoming tiring. Speaking of tiring...I really hated Ben's green card-marriage storyline. I mean, yay for Lucy Davis, but Christ. What the hell is that storyline doing on this show? They really needed something for Ben to do? At least it's over now.

Also, haven't we kind of been assuming Sam is the Devil's son for yonks?

My Name Is Earl

Greta cleans up nice!

I find it sort of irritating that they morphed Bobby Billie from Earl's dream girl into a demon wife, but once that transformation occurred, I knew they had to get rid of her. I'm glad it's back to Earl believing in karma and the List, as it should be. Although I wonder what next season is going to be like; I was impressed with the way they managed to get creative with the List while Earl was in jail and in a coma.

Is anyone but me still watching this show? I do still like it. I really find Earl's faith in karma wackily endearing. And Randy never fails to be hilarious. ("If I had one wish, it would be that karma would talk to us. Or to be an ant that could lift a hundred times my weight and get laid all the time. I hope I get two wishes.")

The Office

Oh my God, Michael and Holly! THEY WERE LIKE THE NEW JIM AND PAM WTF. I enjoyed Holly, and I hope she sticks around, but I did not realize she was played by Oscar nominee Amy Ryan, so that doesn't seem likely. Right?

The joke with Kevin was awesome. And sad. But awesome. Because if you view Kevin through the lens of thinking he's...slow, he does totally seem like it! Even though we know better.

Ryan! A YouTube sensation! For committing fraud! Oh, I'm glad all the conflict about the website actually led somewhere. Hee. And, hee, Kelly.

Phyllis throws a pretty awesome party.

Toby creeps me right out, ack. I mean, I love Pam as much as the next guy (perhaps more? who is the next guy? is it that guy over there? definitely more), but ack! At least I...have better social skills than Toby? Kinda?

Andy! GODDAMMIT! JIM BOUGHT FIREWORKS. GAH. How irritating. I hope Jim doesn't wait too long before actually proposing; it was so sad to see Pam afterward having really expected it (with good cause!). Dammit, Mr. Andrew Barnard!



Does this mean Bela is really dead? Aw, man. I loved her for all sorts of shallow reasons.

The Bon Jovi singalong was pretty great. Oh, brothers. You doofs. And then Dean had to get all emo. Dead or aliiiiiive? No, mostly dead.

(I only know that song because of Rock Band. True story. (So when it first started playing, I heard noisedesign singing it in my head.))

That little girl was really creepy. She's going to use this ability to terrorize her parents now.

Bobby's "Family don't end with blood" was awesome. Bobby's putting holy water in the sprinkler system was also awesome. Bobby was basically awesome as usual.

I wish we'd learned more about Lilith and what the hell she wanted. And what that white light business was.

Dean's death was GRUESOME. Holy shit, they went all out. I knew he was going to die (thank you, promo!), but I didn't expect it to be so horrific!

I also knew they had to give us something after he died because that wasn't enough of a cliffhanger, but...that shot of Hell was lame. And topographically nonsensical.


Is Michelle Forbes in EVERYTHING now?

It's so cool to see the first days of the Oceanic Six! The teary reunions where Kate and Sayid had no one! That fucked-up press conference! THE NUMBERS IN HURLEY'S CAR WTF! (Isn't that the same car he's driving in the first scene of the premiere, when he gets caught? How long until that moment, do we think?) Sun is a total badass! Jack's dad's funeral! And...holy shit, that scene where he finds out Claire's his sister was awesome. The whole time, I'm like, "SAY HER NAME. PLEASE SAY HER NAME. ACTUALLY TELL HIM WHO SHE WAS. ALSO THANK GOODNESS THERE WAS ONLY ONE PERSON NAMED CLAIRE ON THE PLANE RIGHT?" And Jack is completely WTFed, and that woman compliments her grandson without knowing it, and Aaron is Jack's nephew, which weirds him the fuck out, and it's all so much more delicious than I ever would have expected.

Meanwhile, back on Craphole Island, everything is going to shit! There is a BOMB ON THE BOAT!! I am so afraid it's going to blow a shitload of people up. Like Jin. And Desmond. Almost definitely Michael, right? But Desmond cannot die! The only reason we care about Ben's threat to kill Penny is because we want her and Desmond to be our cross-time OTP. And Jin...Jin needs to be alive! Because it's more interesting that way. Maybe Michael will heroically sacrifice himself Charlie-style to save them all.

I really love how the spoiler of knowing the Oceanic Six is actually creating MORE TENSION now. This is crackerjack, fucked-up storytelling here: if we didn't know who got off the Island, we would be forming theories based on proximity to an exit maneuver, right? We would assume that people close to the water would get off, all other things being equal. But we know who the fuck gets off; we just don't know how. The six of them (well, Aaron's with Kate) are all scattered around the Island (and SUN IS ON A BOAT WITH A BOMB ON IT), and we have no idea how they managed to become the Oceanic Six. It's brilliant, I say, brilliant.

Also: I am really hoping this explains Hurley's apology to Jack about choosing to go with Locke. Because it seemed really hardcore and about more than just the simple betrayal. Hurley's decision to go with Locke has put him with Locke at this very moment, which is forcing Jack to go save his ass rather than go back to the beach (because God knows he doesn't give a shit if Locke dies). Something big is going to happen. Oh, shit, maybe Sawyer dies because of this rescue mission. Aren't we supposed to find out who was in the coffin by the end of this season?

Finally, I love Ben. He was not entirely truthful! He always has a plan! His name is Benjamin Linus! (After which I said in my head, "I believe you're looking for me." WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID NEXT. I should write for television.)
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