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Today, the Dirt Poor Robins Website. Tomorrow, the World!

Some of you may remember my post about Dirt Poor Robins a month ago. I had discovered an awesome band with an awesome CD and wanted to share the awesomeness, especially since they seemed to be fairly unknown. A few people did become fans because of this post.

robi2106 just informed me that my post WAS LINKED ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Go to the News, and there I am. April 11, 2008, the only news post in the last three months:
Click here to read SpectralBovine.com's review of "The Cage": "Dirt Poor Robins Thank Ludwig Van Beethoven, Albert Einstein, and Jesus Christ"
What the hell, right?? As it turns out, that post is the twelfth hit when you Google dirt poor robins. But that's nuts! Why aren't more people writing about these guys?

(I did send them a message through the website to correct the link and my name. SpectralBovine.com, hee. As if I were big and important!)

So if you missed it the first time around, I urge you to check it out now and listen to some great music! It looks like the vast majority of people only downloaded "Masquerade," but "Light in My Darkness" and "Great Vacation" are also pretty fantastic songs, so give them a listen. And then buy the CD. Come on, the album is so good it's sold out on Amazon.com. But you can still get it from the official store.

This totally beats the time my name was on the Tegan and Sara website since I bought a shirt to fund the "Living Room" video.
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