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The Essence of Ticketmaster

spectralbovine: So, we're going to BFD, music girl.

arbitrarium: I am totally there, music guru. You+music? Of course!

spectralbovine: I will get us tickets. Rock on!

spectralbovine: Aw, man, there are no big headliners this year. That kind of sucks. But, hey, you can't argue with the value for your money.

arbitrarium: A good headliner would have been exciting. Like Interpol! But maybe we'll hear someone new and completely awesome. And for about the same cost of a movie and popcorn at the theater? Good deal. Let me know how the tickets work out!

spectralbovine: Well, it'll be $10.53 plus the LiveNation service charge, so let's say movie, popcorn, and a drink.

spectralbovine: Criminy, Ticketmaster is INSANE. Convenience charges and order fees up the ASS. The tickets ended up being more like $19.555 each.

Yes, you read that right: charges and fees were 85% of the fucking ticket price. I don't know how those people sleep at night.

arbitrarium: So it's more like a movie, popcorn, drink, parking, and someone stealing five bucks.
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