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Ay, There's the Dub!

Now, we all know it's very silly to watch something that was originally in another language dubbed in English. But it's even sillier to watch something dubbed in English with all new lines! And this time the silliness is intentional!

Avatar fans are surely familiar with "The Angst, starring Prince Zuko." In which Zuko is a whiny emo boy and Iroh is a Jewish grampa. This spawned the absolutely hilarious Avatar: The Abridged Series.

GanXingba also had a thing called "Avatar TV," which was like Robot Chicken, full of little mini-spoofs. What I did not realize until recently is that this is actually a pretty common thing to do in anime fandom! They overdub scenes from the animes with songs and dialogue from other movies and TV shows.

For instance, someone on TWoP linked to "Evangelion Hell," a collection of all the Neon Genesis Evangelion bits from a couple rounds of AMV Hell, which presumably includes selections from all sorts of anime. And it's fucking hilarious. You never know what to expect with these things, and some spoofs are funnier than others, but none of them lasts all that long, so the duds don't linger and the hits stay with you. "EVA Hell" is also pretty funny. There are a bunch! So many! Hours of hilarity!

Then! A TWoPer linked to her "HARUHI HELL"! Yes! One of those for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya! And oh man, it was really good. Incredibly funny and clever. And the final bit is just scary brilliant in how well the dialogue matches up to the scene. This is a must-see for any Haruhi fan.

I then noticed that...oh my God, this person also had "PRINCESS TUTU HELL"! My beloved Princess Tutu! Hilaritized! There was another one that was even funnier.

Clearly, the Internet was created solely to distribute this hilarity worldwide. I know most of you aren't anime fans, so I'm sorry you can't enjoy this sort of thing as much as I do.

But! Last night, latropita linked me to this.

Which is an entirely cracked-out dub of the Doctor Who episode "Smith and Jones." The voices are very strange, but the dubs are good, and it's quite amusing.

Except there's another one. For "The Sound of Drums." Focusing almost entirely on The Phone Call. And it's face-hurtingly funny, oh my God. It's just ridiculous and random and hilarious.

And then, at the end! The credits! Consist of two cute British girls lip-synching to "I Can't Decide." It's so cute! I want two cute British girls of my very own. Smiling and laughing and lip-synching and making hilarious videos.

There is also one for "The Girl in the Fireplace." My favorite thing about it is the talking horse.

Finally, I discovered what appears to be quite the inspiration in the dubbing community: Aladdin and the Cave of Cheeseburgers. Yes, my friends, someone has dubbed ALADDIN and turned it into...something about cheeseburgers, presumably. I haven't watched it all, but I have a feeling it's hilarious. It looks like it's in six parts, so it's been edited to about forty minutes.

So, if you had never heard of this humorous art form, I hope I have enlightened you! If you were already a fan, I'm always game for more! Spread the hilarity!
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