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But Unfortunately for You, You're Made of Meat

Before I get to the meat of the post (pun intended), I feel it necessary to inform you of the rampant plagiarism discovered in some popular Vertigo titles. I'm really disappointed; some of my favorite comics appear to be complete ripoffs.

Tonight, ariiadne hosted a Leap Day party. It was a lot of fun. I watched some people play Samurai, and after more people arrived, there was much Rock Banding. We ended the night with a surprisingly fun board game called Mall of Horror, in which you hole yourself up in a mall and attempt to survive the zombie hordes. You do this by voting on who gets eaten by zombies. If cadhla does not already have this game, she desperately needs it.

The main reason for this post, however, is dinner.

Because, in honor of Leap Day, Jess served things that jumped around when they were alive.

Like rabbit.

And...kangaroo. Yes, kangaroo.

Now, ordinarily, I would not have even considered eating these creatures, sticking with my creed of "I only eat bird." But I had pushed my boundaries with ostrich, and my first taste of fish had seemingly initiated a slippery slope. I thought I had principles, but apparently I can change them at will! Because...I am my own person! I had no religion holding me back from venturing into new carnivorous territory. It couldn't hurt to try them for the novelty of it. This was my year of new meats.

As long as I didn't eat beef or pork or lamb, I was golden, right? The commonly occuring Other Meats? I mean, ostrich barely counted as a bird, it was so huge. That's not poultry. And if I were ever lost in the wilderness, I might have to kill a rabbit and eat it, so I should find out what it tasted like. And if I were ever lost in the Australian outback, I might have to kill a kangaroo and eat it, so I should find out what it tasted like.

Rabbit was white meat, and it looked like chicken when cooked, except for the anatomy. I suppose it tasted like chicken, but it didn't, really. It just tasted like...white meat. But I was eating rabbit! How weird was that?

Kangaroo looked more like steak, and Jess would like me to point out that each little cutlet had a visible smoke ring because of science. It was tougher than the rabbit, and I found it odd to eat because it looked like steak, so I felt like I was eating beef, and that was wrong! And I couldn't really discern a taste because I don't know what steak actually tastes like. At first, I didn't think the kangaroo tasted like much of anything, but I liked it more the more I ate. It did have some hidden flavor in the juices, rather rich.

I didn't know people actually ate kangaroo, but they seem to be somewhat tasty beasts. I do feel bad for the poor kangaroo who died for our Leap Day dinner, though. I have no idea where kangaroo meat comes from. But, um, it was pretty good.

Also, I had wasabi cupcakes.
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