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WonderCon 2008, Day 3: Talking to Attractive Women

My fingers are still hurting from last night's post. They haven't had enough time to recover! Luckily, Sunday was a short day, and maybe I don't remember anything at all because my brain is way too full.

Before the SCC panel, I talked to strangers, watched some trailers, flirted with David Mack and his semi-famous girlfriend, made the best exchange in history, and sat through a Jericho panelCollapse )

The Sarah Connor Chronicles panel featured hilarious cast antics and the freakiest thing to ever happen to me while in front of a microphoneCollapse )

After the SCC panel, I was not a serial killer, and I saw an Ed without an EinCollapse )

So, that was WonderCon. It's weird because I didn't actually think of it as a con. As a Big Thing. Because it was right here. With Comic-Con, you have the mindset that it's a Big Thing because you have to travel to get there. But when you're just BARTing into the city for something, it can't possibly be extraordinary. But holy Jesus motherfucking God, am I exhausted.
Tags: buffistas, coke is the nectar of the gods, comics, girls, i am so awesome, joss whedon, not being a serial killer, not!drake and not!josh, personal, pictures, pimpings, real life friends, such is life, the sarah connor chronicles, tv, twop, wondercon
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