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Cake and Grief Counseling Will Be Available at the Conclusion of the Test

I'm nine episodes into Cowboy Bebop and really liking it! I'm watching it subbed, even though dubbed won the poll, because I am a fan of principles, even when they're made-up. People were right about it being very episodic, but there are little hints of backstory regarding Spike and the worldbuilding that intrigue me amidst the entertainment.

And I totally forgot the Skins premiere was today or else I wouldn't have used my Skins icon yesterday. You don't understand how annoyed I am to be forced to use the same icon two posts in a row. Damn my principles, made-up as they are.


Oh my God, Tony is so sad and pathetic now. I don't know if I like this. They turned him into Jason Street! But, just as FNL did, the premiere painfully explores all the ripples and ramifications the accident had on the group.

(Except for Anwar, who is still a twat. Oh my God, why does he suck so much?)

Maxxie's dad is Bill Bailey! Holy crap! I was wondering whether we ever met his parents because I was trying to remember how exactly each kid's parents sucked. And Bill Bailey doesn't suck that much, really! He's pretty regular for a dad. And he calls Jal "Funny Name," which is hilarious...because did we know her full name was Jalander before?

Cassie is in Scotland for some reason! Aw, Cassie. Scottish dancing. Sending Sid drugs and a pin.

I was so afraid Sid was going to go after Michelle or something, but thank goodness that's not where it was going. They're the two people closest to Tony, and we don't get to spend a lot of time with them except to see that they're kind of destroyed by the accident, especially Michelle, who spirals into self-destruction after a fucking bus rips away the potential for a New and Improved Tony who loves her and doesn't treat her like shit. Now they're left with this Tony who can barely remember he used to be a freaky sociopath, let alone write his own name. And he misses Tony. I miss Tony too.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I heart continuity! They're really milking this Jordon girl's death. And Andy! Who gets killed by an unknown assailant! Poor Andy.

Also: I swear to God, it's like this show is LISTENING TO US. Because there was all this discussion/confusion about whether Sarah had actually set fire to Andy's house or whether the freedom fighter did and Sarah had been on her way to kill Andy. The latter interpretation made no sense to me in the context of the episode, and this episode double-confirmed that the former was correct!

The grief counseling scene was pretty great. And the guidance counselor was clearly sleeping with Jordon. Like, OMG, this is totally The O.C. with robots.

Except, no! As miniglik points out, it's 90210 with robots, courtesy of Brian Austin Green (so that's why he's appearing at WonderCon!). Who's actually Derek Reese! John's uncle! Who hates Cameron! This will be interesting.

Has Cromartie never seen a cell phone before, or does Vibrate mess with his sensors? Is he like Venom or something?

That scene with Cameron killing the T-888 was really interesting. It was almost as if she'd never seen the chip before, the essence of her "species," as it were. And after all the talk of grieving and death, she clearly felt something as she did that. As she killed a robot. A robot!

I love that this show clearly made Charley an EMT just so he could prove useful AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Wow. I should have seen that coming, and yet, I did not. Well played.

But penalty on Sarah Connor! For God's sake, the goal of chess is not annihilation. It's simply to capture the king. That's the beauty of chess. I love a good chess/war analogy as much as Lex Luthor, but, Jesus, woman, that whole closing voiceover was a mess. And I'm on your side with those things.
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