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The Reason I Slept Till Two O'Clock Today

Yesterday was a very long day.
  • woke up at around nine but didn't leave the house until nearly eleven
  • cashed a Circuit City rebate
  • went back home to grab a belt since my pants weren't staying up without one
  • put in ten bucks' worth of gas in preparation for the 100+ miles I would be driving
  • drove to Seanan's (cadhla) house in Concord for Cleaning Day
  • discovered that when one describes her place as trashed, they may not be exaggerating
  • futilely swatted at the dozens of flies
  • met the illustrious Lilly Kane (not even her full name) and Nissa, the Cat Who Wouldn't Die
  • dusted a My Little Pony castle
  • watched Seanan sort through years of junk
  • declared "I wondered where that went!" the Quote of the Day
  • threw away Seanan's bad high school poetry and someone else's badly drawn porn
  • had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, where you got to eat as much salad and soup and bread and rice and pasta and potato salad and dessert as you wanted, which was awesome
  • became very full despite there not being much meat at all in my meal
  • got a call from my mom in the middle of lunch, forcing me to stop eating for ten minutes or so as my mom thanked me for sending her VM S3 and I asked her for baby pictures for a thing at work
  • got another call immediately after hanging up asking me if I'd gotten an e-mail from my latest potential future wife
  • continued cleaning with Rey's (silverkun) help
  • cracked up at everything that said "Shannon," which Seanan had gone by for years since no one could pronounce her name
  • carried stuff out to the porch to be disposed of
  • obsessively rearranged Seanan's Monk DVDs and then laughed at the appropriateness
  • came across a poster for a high school production of Amadeus directed by Craig Brewer, director of Hustle and Flow and Black Snake Moan, and wondered how much it was worth on eBay
  • did not lay eyes on the BUCKET OF MAGGOTS that Seanan discovered was the origin of the flies
  • called Shari, one of four people whose birthday it was, and wished her a happy birthday
  • packed dozens of trades into a box so I could finally catch up on my titles after three years: Fables, Ex Machina, Y: The Last Man, Astonishing X-Men, and, because everyone raves about it, Preacher
  • earned Seanan's love by being compelled to sweep
  • tailed Rey on the way to the Curry House for dinner
  • had tandoori tilapia, which was very flaky and very tasty
  • bought some chocolate for Lisa (danea), who was stuck at home with the flu
  • rode around in Rey's Honda Fit, which was a car recommended to me when I expressed interest in buying a new car
  • visited an Adult establishment, which was full of many, many, many things shaped like penises
  • found one of Seanan's mom's movies in the Classics section
  • drove back to Oakland and got lost attemping to get to Lisa's from 24
  • finally made it inside the apartment after a couple failed attempts at not saying anything to the answering machine
  • delighted Lisa with chocolate, especially the Dark Chocolate with Mint, which was the one I had specifically gone back to get even though Rey had only recommended the Dark Chocolate with Raspberry
  • ate a strawberry
  • could not eat a mandarin as one eats a strawberry
  • picked up Emily (tigeremme) from the airport for the second time, becoming her hero once again
  • got pulled over by a cop for my SEVEN-MONTH-OLD broken brake light and was issued a fix-it ticket
  • got on 880 S instead of 880 N
  • eventually managed to get us to Martinez
  • drank cranberry juice
  • helped Emily choose what to wear for her ASU audition(s)
  • failed to find a recording of The Mikado to borrow
  • interviewed/transcribed a post about Oberlin for Emily since her hand was hurting too much
  • laughed quite a bit because it was an absolutely hilarious effort, and it has the best cut-tag ever: "Look, you guys, this is only going to be the MOST WELL-PUNCTUATED POST OF ALL TIME. Also, it is awesome, because it is written by Emily and me, who are both awesome, and awesome + awesome = double awesome. Also, Emily disapproves of Sunil's use of commas. Or lack thereof."
  • transcribed Emily's to-do list for the next day
  • listened to Emily play and sing a piece from La Bohème on the piano
  • hugged Emily, whom I will not see again for a month
  • filled up at a Shell for the same price I'd paid at Arco that morning
  • drove home at two in the morning
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