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Shows with Human Beings Filmed on Sets and Stuff

It's time to remind you all that I do watch more than anime!

But, um, first, a question for the anime crowd.

After I finish The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (which I am more than halfway through and love SO MUCH already), I am going to watch the famed Cowboy Bebop. Now, I was all set to watch it in Japanese with subtitles, but I hear that the English dub is notoriously awesome, so much so that many actually prefer it to the original Japanese. And after randomly comparing some scenes from the first episode, I can see why. The dub script is somewhat different in places, but it does seem to be a little better. And the voice actor for Spike sounds more like the character to me, from what I can tell. The rationale is that Cowboy Bebop is a Western-styled anime, so the dub translates very well. But am I getting a different show that way? Has all authorial intent been lost?

What say you, Cowboy Bebop fans?

Poll #1133233 Konichiwa vs. Wassup!

How should I watch Cowboy Bebop?

Subbed - You must listen to the original Japanese, on principle!
Dubbed - It will be a much better experience!


That's it for anime! On to regular television!


Why won't they ever let me have more than one episode of Bizarro? Geez! Even though he was lamer than he was before, what with his apparent mooning over Lana and shit.

MOSTLY, it was awesome that they used "Pioneer to the Falls" by Interpol at the end! It was funny because I heard some sounds in the background, and they reminded me of the opening to "Pioneer to the Falls," so the song started playing in my head. Then I was pleasantly surprised to discover it actually was the song!

Also, I can't believe they had Lex do the "NOOOOOOOOO!" in the rain. Have we learned nothing from Darth Vader?


First of all, how cool is it that in the beginning, we don't know whether we're seeing a flashback or a flashforward?! And then who expected it to be Hurley in the car? And then we have the "Oceanic Six"! Oh, Lost.

I was really impressed with Jorge Garcia because it was very jarring to go back to Island!Hurley after the opening scenes of Future!Hurley. You could really tell how much he'd changed.

And speaking of characters having changed, Jack seriously would have killed Locke right in front of everyone. He pulled the goddamn trigger. He meant it. Damn.

The episode was pretty great overall, as we waited to see how the Lostaways would react to Charlie's death and his final message. And what was up with Naomi. And, if it was NOT PENNY'S BOAT, whose boat it was.

They really reinvented the show with the S3 finale, didn't they?? Instead of "Will they get off the Island?" it's "HOW did they get off the Island? WHO got off the Island? AND WHAT THE MOTHERFUCKING FUCK HAPPENED TO EVERYONE ELSE?!?!?!"


Book club! Ahahaha.

This was a crazy episode because it was like, "Ooh, it's about a witch! Wait, she's dead. Ooh, it's about a COVEN! Wait, there they are. Ooh, it's about a DEMON! There we go."

A lot of interesting developments here. I especially liked the idea that Sam is consciously molding himself into Dean, that it's not just some "HE CAME BACK WRONG!" bullshit. That's interesting and sad and somewhat scary. The other big thing was the bizarre new addition to the mythology that...er, every single demon used to be human? Really? I'm confused. I mean, way to muddy the waters, but are we supposed to feel bad for killing evil demons because they were once human? I mean, they're dead humans. And Ruby is randomly a good demon why?

Mostly, I agree with what kroki_refur says in her excellent posts. And if you're a Supernatural fan and are not reading kroki_refur's posts, you are doing yourself a great disservice. They're insightful and hilarious.

Prison Break

I feel like the writers sit around and say, "How can we fuck with Michael Scofield today?" That's the Prison Break formula, really: nothing ever goes as planned. It's all about making up contingency plans on the fly. And random betrayals at every corner. Also, rain.

I should also note that Gretchen can be strangely hot sometimes. Unredeemably evil, yes. But still hot.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I have not written about this show at all; I've been so busy writing about other things! And even though I didn't love the pilot, I found myself liking it more the second time around, possibly due to new music by the great Bear McCreary! And maybe I had resigned myself to Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker, because they didn't annoy me as much.

But then the show impressed me by getting way better right off the bat! And now I kind of love it in all its continuity-licious glory. Actions have consequences! Cases span episodes! Angst comes later! Also, I asked it to be funny, and it did!

This episode was rife with guest stars! Brian Bloom from Drive! Andy Umberger from Buffy (and Angel and Firefly)! Lee Thompson Young from The Famous Jett Jackson! Garret Dillahunt from The 4400!

I had problems believing Lena Headey was tough as nails in the pilot, but she's totally convincing now, especially when she's punching the shit out of some dude (although, really, leaving him out in a mine field was cold). And I love her obsessions with guns and pancakes! I swear, one day, she's going to make pancakes out of guns. Mark my words.

John needs to realize that sometimes running away means you live to fight another day. He was lucky to make it out of this scrape, but who knows what could have happened? It's going to be interesting to watch him evolve into John Connor, but that presents a character development problem: you can't take him too far, or the show's over, right? Plus, the world ends in four years.

The time travel issue is a fun one, of course: who's to say they didn't just destroy the specific alloy that was used in Cameron? Is that why she saved one piece? Is that her?

Cameron is generally a hoot, of course. And her robot antics are very cool.

This may be a minority opinion, but I really like Sarah's voiceovers and the way they're used to highlight the episode thematically. I love that, rather than making up her own philosophical mumbo-jumbo (*cough*Mohinder*cough*), she's relating other stories to her own. She's badass on the outside but pensive on the inside. Aw.
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