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You're the Human Magic Marker, Won't You Please Surprise My Eyes?

It's my three-year LJversary, you guys! My LiveJournal is three years old today! It can almost walk on its own! Wait, it probably started walking before now. Maybe now it can talk. Can it play chess yet?

So as a birthday present, I am giving my LJ a new profile. Because God knows I've needed to update that thing for a long, long time.

But I need your help. What should I put in it? What kinds of things do you look for in a person's profile? A/S/L? Occupation? Fandoms? Personality? Friending policy? Thousands and thousands of colorbars?

One thing that I do always enjoy is testimonials! So I think that would be a good thing to put in there. If some randomite were to click on my info, I'd want them to know why he or she might want to read me. So, tell me:

Why do you read my journal?

Be as silly or serious as you want; I'll pick some choice favorites to stick in there.

If you need some inspiration for your answer, please fill out this important poll!

What do you want to read? What do you not want to read? MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Also, Jenna Fischer is ridiculously pretty.Collapse )
Tags: life online, pimpings, poll, reader participation
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