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And That's Why You Don't Become a Serial Killer

On Friday, I was featured on metafandom! When on Monday, I had already been featured on metaquotes! It was a very meta week for me. I feel almost metahuman.

Tell me just how metahuman I am in the Holiday Love Meme!


Man, I have loved what they've done with Dexter and Doakes these past few episodes. How fucking great is it that Dexter has someone to talk to, someone he can be honest with? It's just so great. And I cracked up so hard when Dexter saved his life...and then locked him back in the cage!! Ahahaha. But, dude, they were all communicating with their eyes and shit! They have a BOND. He can't kill him now! He can't frame him either! There has to be another way out of this clusterfuck. Because they're moving ever closer to a point where Dexter and Doakes could coexist, if not yet cooperate. Doakes wants him to turn himself in, but he doesn't seem to see him as a monster anymore. He's begun to see through Dexter's facade (well, honestly, he always did, right?), calling out the times he expresses real human emotion.

And Dexter! Ready to turn himself in! Putting his affairs in order! Good God. I swear, this show can make you believe anything because that first time he "told Deb," I thought it was for real. Dexter was feeling such relief about the whole thing until Deb, of course, inspired him to...continue to frame Doakes. It's been a constant thing this season, really: Deb has repeatedly told Dexter that she needs him, that he's the only person keeping her together, who keeps her sane. She just had to say it at the right moment, though.

If Dexter could pick a REAL PERSON to be like, he'd pick Angel! Awwwwwww. If only Angel knew how fucking sweet that was.

And LaGuerta's making headway on convincing Lundy of Doakes's innocence! Which might make the whole frame job backfire in Dexter's face. Especially because...what will Doakes say? Will he cover for Dexter? (HE BROUGHT HIM GRAPES!) I mean, what the fuck can he say? At that point, he has to point the finger at someone else. He has to say where he got the slides and who locked him up.

Lila! Deportation is too good for you.


And now! Lila! Discovering Doakes in a cage! What the fucking shit?! FUCKING LILA! HOW CAN WE ONLY HAVE ONE MORE EPISODE? I didn't watch the promo on purpose because I don't want to know a single thing! I want to be surprised at the constant ingenuity and creativity these writers display. Hell, even when I think things are lame at first (Deportation? That's how they get rid of Lila? Random Mexicans on a boat? That's what foils Doakes's escape?), they end up going in an awesome direction (Fuck deportation, let's send Lila off to Doakes! Also, those guys are after the cocaine, because they knew about Jimenez's cabin!). I have no idea what they can do in a third season, but, hell, I didn't know what they could do in a second season either. They'll figure something out.

In other news, today I received the following things:
A) confirmation that a birthday present was received and loved
B) an assertion that I will be a famous novelist
C) the sweetest holiday card of all time, accompanied by a bunch of cookies
D) a kiss on the cheek

This is the sweetest day ever.
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