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Why, Sometimes I've Believed As Many As Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Emily and I watched the first four episodes of Arrested Development on Sunday. Jesus, I forgot how goddamn fucking funny that show is. The laugh/minute ratio is insane. Nothing airing currently holds a candle.

I finished reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking-Glass. What nonsense! I'm not used to stories that are clearly being made up as they go along and don't make sense or have a point. It's such a strange work to be in the literary canon, but there it is, exerting its influence over a century later. I wonder why.

So now I need some Christmas reading, guys. I'll be doing some traveling, so I'm looking for one book of sufficient length to keep me occupied for, say, at least eight to ten hours. Preferably in paperback for portability. And not something in a series that I'll be compelled to continue after I'm done; I'm not ready to be tied down! What do you recommend? Something fun and not boring. I'm sure you know what I like.

But until I have a new book, I have television! Whee!


Okay, I have to say I was weirdly disappointed with this episode, but I think that's partly due to the awesomeness of last week's. It bugged me that Dexter's leg wound didn't get him in trouble with his FBI security blanket. I was freaking out about that, and then nothing really came of it except for an amusing scene with Rita. And I'm fine with Dexter getting back with Rita, if only for the kids.

Also, I'm not sure how I feel about Deb/Lundy anymore. It's still so weird! And he's going to leave! And he's always so cool and detached, he sometimes comes across as an unfeeling jerk! But Deb is really into him, so I'll like it for her sake.

But never mind all that, the meat of this episode is Doakes and Dexter, and that was all pretty awesome shit. It's so weird because most everyone had embraced a future where Doakes and Dexter teamed up to vigilante it up, but...that is looking less and less likely by the minute! He's really, truly sickened by what Dexter does, and he's not seeing it as the same thing he does. Which means...I don't see how he's getting out of this clean.

Speaking of: I DO NOT APPROVE of Dexter deliberately framing Doakes. Arrgh, I hate when Dexter fucks with the Code. Dexter is such a brilliantly complex character because he fucks with the audience reaction so much. The very fact that I have to justify why I don't like a particular aspect OF A SERIAL KILLER is kind of fucked-up to begin with. But even though it's self-preservation, I hate that Dexter has been driven to frame Doakes, basically sending him to his death for crimes he committed. And the problem with this entire storyline this season is that someone's got to pay. Or maybe no one will. Maybe they won't catch anyone, and they'll just say the Bay Harbor Butcher is at large. But could they really do that, knowing he works at their damn precinct? They're not going to rest until they find him. So Dexter has to do this, right? But it still leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

And while we're talking about fucking with the Code, what the hell with that random drug dude? When has Dexter ever just taken the computer's word for these things? For all he knows, he could have been a wrongly accused murderer! He was just a convenient person to kill! IT'S SO ICKY. (See what this show does to people? How are his other murders NOT ICKY?)

Speaking of icky: FUCKING LILA. DO NOT FUCK WITH ANGEL. EVEN YOUR BREASTS CANNOT SAVE YOU NOW. If you go through with this date-rape frame-up, I will have to resort to calling you names I'm not supposed to call women.

Hey, look at this, a theme! I don't like framing people!

Finally, I have been wary of the continual Harry retcons this season. I was actually getting really excited to see what I was just recently predicting we'd see: Harry sending Dexter after a murderer who got away. I was so sure that was going to happen. And it was funny because when Deb was talking about what she wanted from her dad, I was trying to remember how Harry died, and I couldn't. And then, ta da, heart disease. OR NOT. At first, I thought the suicide thing was weird and sort of lame and pointless. Until it turned out I was completely wrong about Harry. He couldn't live with what he'd created. Harry basically molded Dexter into the person he is today. He did essentially send him after his first kill, the nurse who was trying to kill him. And that was all good, I suppose, but it's different when you have to see it (just like with Doakes). Dexter thought he was making his dad proud, and instead he drove him to kill himself.

I don't know how Dexter's going to deal with this! It's like the ultimate angst!


Okay, so Lester's Jewish? Seriously? I don't think I've ever heard of an Indian Jew. jeeperstseepers, a non-Indian Jew, tells me that all his dreidel talk was complete bullshit, which lends credence to the theory that he is in fact totally faking, which would make more sense. Not that this show has to make a lot of sense.

I don't think I followed the counterfeit plot at all. There was fake money and crates and Taiwanese people. Whatever, Son of Alias! Any excuse to get Sarah in a bikini, right?

Mostly, I am wondering this tiny tiny thing: WHY THE FUCK COULDN'T THEY HAVE JUST JUMPED OFF THE FUCKING BOAT? I mean, I know blowing up Casey's car is fun and all, but...seriously, they had plenty of time to get off the boat. PLENTY.

I am very worried about Intersect 2! They seem very intent on killing Chuck no matter what. I wonder how they'll get around it. Or maybe THE STRIKE WILL KILL CHUCK ANYWAY.


Things I liked:
—Peter and Adam rampaging through Primatech.
—"We have trust issues." The Mohinder-and-Sylar Show is always a hoot.
—That minute or so where Maya was going to be dead and gone forever.
—The old bury-the-immortal trick. Very Tenth Doctor of you, Hiro.
—Elle! I am liking her more and more, now that we're seeing more of her as a person. I loved her reaction to having saved the three Ms' lives.
—Sylar with his powers back, FINALLY.

Things I did not like:
—For God's sake, Peter, trust Hiro over Adam.
—So after scene after scene of Micah lovingly fondling electronics in order to make them work...he can talk to traffic lights with his mind?
—Who the living fuck are these kids who will just burn an innocent girl to death?
—Niki? Well, guess she won't be needing that cure after all. I suppose that's...ironic.
—Micah and Monica were completely isolated from everyone and ended up serving no point at all.
—Mr. "Let's fly around and get noticed because I'm so awesome and who cares" backtracks and says, "Oh, my bad, what I really meant was I want to hide and be secretive."
—That part where Maya continues to live.
—Nathan talks Peter down with the power of brotherly love again? Is this how every plot is going to be resolved?
—I guess not because WHAT THE FUCK?? I was lying down, and I sat up when Nathan got shot.
—By, from most reports, Bennet???
—Why the hell have we never seen Bob (MIDAS) turn anything into gold since the premiere? Lame!
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