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No Longer Doing Time: Notes from the Grad

The thesis is done, folks. It now needs to make the rounds and be approved, but the damn thing is out of my hands. Give me my fucking degree, stat.

As a counterpoint, let me relate to you an anecdote about how I am stupid. Prerequisite information: I have a friend, Steph. She has a sister, Ronnie, who is also my friend. They both have a sister, Coco, who is also my friend. Well, not "friend," since she's fifteen, but we're cool like that, and I slept on her mattress when I stayed at their house. Anyway, last week, I read in her LiveJournal that her grandfather died. I left her my condolences. A couple days later, I read the news again in Steph's diary, and it only then occurred to me that Coco and Steph had the same grandfather, and I should have said something to Steph when I'd found out from Coco. Today, Ronnie called me to confirm our Gilmore Girls viewing (and as a season finale bonus, she and Stu are bringing pizza!), and I told her I'd missed them last week, at which point she told me her grandfather had died. WHICH I ALREADY KNEW LIKE TWICE OMG I AM SO FUCKING STUPID.

Note to self: when people are related, they tend to have the same relatives. Please convey condolences accordingly next time, idiot.

I went to the library to pick up the much-talked about Rats Saw God...and left with Rats Saw God, Slave Day, Doing Time: Notes from the Undergrad, Satellite Down, and Green Thumb. Yes, my friends, they had every single one of Rob Thomas's books. Hell, multiple copies. In hardback and paperback. I'd never even heard of Green Thumb, but it looks fun, and a departure for him. It's about plants that talk, or something like that. I hope they're as good as everyone says, because I don't think they're really the kind of books I would have read back in the day. All my YA stuff was horror/fantasy/mystery/sci-fi. But we'll see just how many of his own ideas and characters he's reused for Veronica Mars.

I also picked up The Thin Man, since it's a classic noir I should have seen by now, and Saved!, since everyone says it's really good. (Speaking of religious satire, I highly recommend the video for "Baby Got Book.") And I put a reserve on the next Harry Potter book. I am one of 194. Luckily, they're getting like a hundred copies.

And now, your moment of Zen:

hobviously: You know. When I got involved in VM fandom, I thought I was getting involved in VM fandom.
spectralbovine: Forget it, Tris. It's Buffytown.
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