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Why Yes, I Am Going to the Toga Party

I miss the Fishers. Six Feet Under is one of those shows that I hesitated to characterize my feelings for as anything more than "really like" because it wasn't like I felt a deep love for it all along, even though I was addicted to it. But a day later, having read some praise and analyses of the show's strengths, I can bite the bullet and admit my love.


Similarly, I think I crossed the line from like to love with Chuck tonight. That was a great episode that proved that this show actually has a game plan, that they have more than one idea, that they're willing to explore interesting questions and issues that arise from the premise. I daresay I may actually love Chuck more than Pushing Daisies at this point. It's just easier to love. It's simple, funny, and solid, with fewer hurdles to overcome. Most people who love Pushing Daisies madly seem to do so irrationally, and I just haven't really felt it; something is keeping me from moving past the "really like" stage for now.

The premise for the episode is awesome, and Zachary Levi can really bring the Serious when he needs to, like at the end of the teaser. Until he actually said the words, "Why am I in the INTERSECT?" I didn't totally get the significance of his having flashed on his ID card. But his delivery totally made me sit up and take note of how fucked-up and surprising that was.

Veronica Mars shout-out! And, suddenly, I hate Morgan a little less. Come to think of it, I didn't really hate Morgan at all in this episode. I may have even...liked him a little. The Buy More antics were fun. C.S. Lee is clearly having a lot of fun with the role.

The flashbacks with Matthew Bomer made me feel like I was watching Traveler again. Heh.

I loved the "Are you going to the toga party?" code (as you can tell from my post title), and the payoff was awesome. I don't care how silly it was, I loved seeing random college students show up with guns ("Aren't you in my econ class?"). And then Chuck gets saved by a hot chick with a dropkick.

And I'm glad that Bryce wasn't eeeeevil and had good intentions in getting Chuck kicked out. Hurt him to save him! (But...didn't he also steal his girlfriend? That wasn't CIA-related, was it? WAS IT?!)

Finally, with "Leave the quips to me," I think I have to view Casey as a total joke of a character who's not actually meant to be taken seriously.

Wait, not finally yet. Because OMG ZORK. YOU ARE LIKELY TO BE EATEN BY A GRUE. Yaaaaaaaaaay. Who's the authentic geek on staff, because any dimwit can make Lord of the Rings references, but it takes a true geek to reference Zork not once but twice.


In the words of mcfeste:
It's about time Heroes got down with its bad self!

Well, since we're on "bad," let's get some of that out of the way. Everything with Claire and West sucks as usual. West is apparently not a Company plant as many suspected, which makes him even more of a waste of a space and an obnoxious character. Claire seems to have completely fucking forgotten everything her dad did for her last season.

The Japan stuff continued to feel incredibly boring and pointless, though drugging Hiro to keep his power in check was a neat trick. And the Hiro/Kensei fight was very reminiscent of the Obi-Wan/Anakin fight at the end of Return of the Sith. And then, with the tearful goodbyes to Yaeko where we find out that blah-di-blah, Hiro was basically his own hero, cute, I thought, "Seriously? That was the point of this whole storyline? This is why they stuck Hiro in Japan for seven episodes? It's a cute idea they could have gotten across as a throwaway. This whole endeavor was such a waste of time oh my God." And then Hiro conveniently reappears now instead of the timepoint he last knew, which would make the most sense. Oh, time travel nonsense.

But there was some good time travel nonsense! Like Peter and Caitlin in 12 Monkeys Land, the magical world of 2008. So far in the future! Because the virus hit in...late March, 2007? Ah, I had to remind myself, New York was supposed to explode in November of last year, and only four months have passed since then, so...if my calculations are correct, humanity is due to be wiped out in a couple weeks, in show time. Wuh oh.

What the hell is Angela Petrelli's power? Can she trigger memories? Implant memories? Do something mental? Or was that just the power of mother/son bonding?

Then, holy shit, that was unexpected. I never expected Caitlin to be stranded in the damn future. Because they have to fucking go back for her since she's, like, the only copy of herself. If they change the future before they rescue her, she'll basically cease to exist! Maybe Future Hiro is still kickin' it old school, and he'll bring her back and save everyone the trouble.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bennet looks really cool with flames reflected in his horn-rimmed glasses.

Fun times at the Company facility! With special appearance by D.L.! I felt like I was back in Six Feet Under (it's weird; it's not like talking to dead people is a new device unique to SFU, but when it's, like, the defining conceit of the series, it's hard not to have these associations). Of course, when Matt was having that conversation with his dad about how he wasn't going to let him keep him down or whatever, I wished I were back in Six Feet Under because I suddenly noticed why people say Heroes has bad dialogue. I thought about how much better written that scene would be if it were on SFU, where the dialogue always felt real and natural, yet still appropriately poetic at times.

Matt saved Molly with the power of love. Oh, love. WHAT CAN'T YOU DO???

So bizarre to have a scene where Nathan discovers the startling fact that Peter's still alive when we've known for weeks. Like, he was there. I always kind of assumed he knew Peter was alive.

Adam Monroe! Big crazy Magneto man! Kill all humans!

Good fucking Lord, Mohinder. The world is back to normal now that you're a fucking moron. Right or wrong, are you kidding me? You're seriously siding with the Company on this one?

And then, FINALLY, A TOTALLY AWESOME CLIFFHANGER. Now, I knew David Anders was a regular, so I figured he'd have to end up in the present somehow, but I didn't think he was Adam Monroe (and thus the one going around killing people and...HOMG THIS TOTALLY KIND OF ALMOST EXPLAINS THE SYMBOL. IT'S FROM HIS SWORD. GODSEND. THAT'S WHY IT'S ON ALL THE COMPANY MERCHANDISE.). This makes Hiro's plotline have far more of a point. And if Kensei got to the future the slow way (that is, by...waiting), I imagine he's quite fucking insane by now.

Welcome back, show.
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