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Large Pizza with Chicken, Onions, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

I've been offline for the past five days, so if any of you posted anything really important that you think I should read, give me a link.

I'm still catching up on my shows, too. The only one I was able to catch live was Supernatural, which I enjoyed.

Pushing Daisies

Weirdly enough, some of the quirk started to bug me in this episode. Jim Dale kept up the infernal years-months-weeks-days racket. Ned's attempt at a word-definition joke felt forced this time. Kristin Chenoweth burst into song for far too long. And so on.

Yet, there was still hilarity like "And Digby considered how much he loved salt." And it was amusing to see Landry hamming it up, even though I'm not sure the dummy/dead body plot made any sense. And Emerson's knitting was great.

Chuck, though she has nice cleavage, is sort of annoying in her complete lack of self-preservation. She's also thiiiiiis close to Ned, despite the fact that the slightest accidental bump would KILL HER. And, despite the fact that it ended up leading to a clue, her butting into The Minute shows wanton disregard for Ned and Emerson.

That being said, the hand-holding at the end was EXTREMELY ADORABLE.


Oooh, every show needs a hot British chick.

First, a few irritations. Rita was awesome in the first season as she grew and became a strong, independent woman...who is almost insufferable now that she's overcome adversity and thinks she knows what's best for everyone. It was kind of funny for her to think Dexter was a drug addict, but it's extremely annoying for her to treat him like one, and not "one," but Paul. YOU'RE DATING A SERIAL KILLER, LADY. YOUR MORAL HIGH GROUND IS KINDA ROCKY. Next, oh my God do I not fucking care about Esme and her cheatin' fiancé, although LaGuerta's smackdown of the Captain was pretty awesome. Finally, the writers need to give Angel back his fucking character. I don't want all of his dialogue to be quoting The Secret.

Other than that, pretty awesome. Lundy doesn't suck, and Dexter is so so so fucked. I can't believe how fast this show is moving this season. I can't believe it's only been three episodes; it all feels so packed. I'm also enjoying Dexter's descent (ascent?) into humanity, though I'm not sure how far they can go; if he goes around feeling all the time, that'll make it tougher for him to kill. And if he becomes too human and keeps killing, that will make him harder to sympathize with, I think.

I'm not sure whether the Doakes thing is too easy or just perfect and convenient. I did like their conversations, though.

Oooh, also, I love when Dexter tries to learn from his victims, so the whole "teach me to liiiiiiie" stuff was great. Also, that whole thing really called into question Dexter's motivation. Because he sure seemed to feel responsible for the woman he would have killed. And before, he felt guilty about the woman Little Chino killed after he failed to kill him. He's edging ever closer to the human race.


Totally the most satisfying episode of the season so far, even though it was mostly filler. Of course, it's hard to lose when you're cutting between Sokka being Sokka and Iroh being TOTALLY BADASS (i.e., Iroh).

I thought the fire-putting-out was a ridiculously dangerous spectacle that was sure to get them noticed, but the purpose was very transparent, so whatevs. And even though I found Sokka's abrupt lack of self-esteem odd because he's generally been fairly proud of his intellect ("I'm the Idea Guy, you guys are the Cut-Stuff-Up-with-Waterbending Guys."), it was bound to happen eventually, I suppose. And swords are pretty cool, and something you can master. When you learn from a MEMBER OF THE WHITE LOTUS SOCIETY OOOOOOOOOHHH.

Toph loves Sokka. It is truth. ("SOKKA'S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!")

Even though the three of them have been very funny at times, it was still amusing to watch them fail at humor.



This episode seemed to be more serious than last week's, which was sillier. But I like the spy stuff, so. And hot redheads with a propensity for taking their clothes off frequently.

"Read a paper...from the 1960s." Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

How can Morgan suck so much? Why is Chuck even friends with him? He's a complete waste of space. I don't understand. He doesn't seem like the least bit of fun at all.

Chuck is becoming pretty cool as a spy dude, and also as a person. Zachary Levi rocked that last scene.


Parkman's dad?! That was pretty much the most surprising part of the episode. There's not a whole lot more to write home about.

Oh, Sylar! On a murder spree again. Just like old times.

Cora Briggs is like Charlie II! Except instead of being a human Google, she can acquire kinetic memory. I wonder if it only works through television, or whether she can imitate any sort of physical actions if she sees them. Heeey, she could learn sign language like that. (Also, did anyone else get the impression she was a fucking ROBOT or something? Or maybe she had a pacemaker or some sort of machine inside her? The way they focused on Micah's hand rubbing on her back was weird.)

Go away, West. Just go away.

Oh, Bennet. Your family is FULL OF LIES.

What the hell is with Nathan's burnt-ass reflection again?

P.S. Confirmation that Mama Petrelli has powers.
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