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Twice the Little Chino, Twice the Masuka, Once the Ned Ryerson

Hey, what's that bobcat thing that was also a handheld console? Oh, yeah, lynx.

cleolinda is spreading the word about Project Download. By taking the two seconds to download this text file once a day, you can help someone get brain surgery. Seriously!

Finding the Right TV Crime Drama For You. This is terribly amusing, as it plays 20 Questions with you to choose the best crime drama out of the TWENTY-SIX on television. Some of the questions are pretty funny, like "Can you stand Holly Hunter's voice?"

Since traffic is slow on weekends, you may have missed my recommendation of I Am the Messenger, a book you should totally read.

After you're done watching television.


By popular demand, I am posting about Dexter, which is the best returning show of the season so far. The premiere rocked, continuing the characters' stories in believable ways while introducing new storylines for this season. The second episode was not as good, but it was still great. It had a couple flaws, namely the fact that the Little Chino video thing makes no sense since there is no reason for that to have gotten him off the hook since YESTERDAY'S PAPER STILL EXISTS TODAY. Also, I can't even dignify Esme Pascal's cheatin' fiancé with a rat's ass. I should care why?

But other than that, rooooock. Loved the use of Rudy/Brian, as I don't think we got to have enough scenes with him after Dexter realized he was his brother. I'm finding Deb's PTSD interesting; I hadn't really thought about how dating a serial killer who tried to kill you would fuck you up, so I like where they're taking her. I was totally thrown by Dexter's admitting what he did to Paul (and he made The Face again!), and I kept expecting Rita to break up with him the whole episode because of his reaction to Paul's death, but instead she thinks he's a druggie, which is both sad and funny at the same time.

And oh my God, you guys. I felt such a release of tension when Dexter killed Little Chino (and you could see that he did too, almost orgasmic). I really wanted Dexter to kill someone again. It was kinda wrong.


I enjoyed Chuck quite a bit this week. I'm definitely warming up to Chuck the character. And the opening was hilarious!

"This painting sucks." *BLAM!*

Lather, rinse, repeat.

And again.

I like that it doesn't take itself too seriously, even though they still do real spy stuff like chase after international arms dealers and have incoherent fight scenes on rooftops. And that was totally Little Chino as one of the henchmen, right? Towering over Masuka in one scene?

I like Chuck's relationship with his sister. I really liked the brother/sister scene at the end. It was cute.


Okay, I think the show is finally heating up. It's about time I had an audible reaction. More on that later.

I guess we can start with Peter, who's getting his powers on and macking on a funny-looking yet cute Irish chick. I'm not sure what's up with the tattoo Godsending into oblivion. I wonder if the brothers will be offended. Also, noooooo, don't play the "Open the box laaaaaaaaater" card! OPEN THE DAMN BOX! YOU ARE PETER PETRELLI. BROTHER OF NATHAN PETRELLI, WHO DID NOT EVEN BOTHER APPEARING IN THIS EPISODE. Look, amnesiac. You better figure out who you fucking were or are or whatever because other people will surely think you're THAT GUY, and you could use the intel.

I was spoiled about the fact that D.L. was dead by this, which is a neat little website where Micah chats with Hana. Of course, it was pretty obvious by the way they were filming it and the dialogue they were using anyway. I like Micah, so I hope we get to see more of him being a wee Great Machine. And apparently, his...aunt or whoever was also someone called "Uhura" on this little-known show called Star Trek. Finally, Niki wants...to be cured? Because she HATES BEING SUPERSTRONG? Don't you think that would come in handy to protect your kid? Also: WE ALREADY SAW X-MEN 3. (Or...she has the virus and wants to be cured. In which case: WE ALREADY READ ABOUT THE LEGACY VIRUS.)

Okay, Maya and Alejandro's section was somewhat more interesting this week as Maya proved how her apparent liability could be used offensively. It looks like her infection is triggered by stress? And then they took off with this American kid in his car. Which, according to the Internets, is CLAIRE'S STOLEN CAR OMG. I was wondering what that close-up on the "Go Conquistadors!" was supposed to mean.

Sylar!! And, hee, Candace. Or Michelle. But...what the crap? This is no fun. They made Sylar too powerful, and now they have to depower him so he doesn't take over the world again. Except...I have no idea what Michelle is talking about. How are her illusions of his sexual fantasies supposed to help him reacquire his powers? And has he actually lost all the powers we saw him get in the first season? Because that's totally lame. Like, if you were going to make Sylar less awesome, you might as well have let him die. Of course, our little megalomaniac is so ready to get his powers back, starting with Michelle! Who...really should have seen that coming. I'm not sure how Sylar was able to eat her brain without his telekinetic finger knife, or whether he actually managed to do whatever it is he does, since it didn't work. What's going on with him? Has he got the virus? And, clearly, he's on the Island. Maybe he's going to find Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt and steal his ability to conjure up polar bears.

Loved the messages to Ando! I do enjoy time travel mayhem. Other than that, though, Hiro's part kinda sucked and was boring. Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, he's got the hots for this Japanese chick. The end. Whatevs. Have fun destroying the space-time continuum.

West still suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks, and I wanted to gag when he and Claire started making out. He's such an annoying jerk. But! The fact that he was taken by Bennet back in the good old days is neat. Is this the first time the words "horn-rimmed glasses" have actually been spoken on the show? Even though, according to Wikipedia, Bennet's glasses are actually Ronsir Zyl.

Molly loves Mohinder more than Matt! How cute. Except Mohinder's being tailed and shit now. That's no good.

And, FINALLY...as soon as Bennet spoke the words, "As long as I'm alive," I started writhing because WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU EVER SAY THAT ON A TELEVISION SHOW? IT IS A MOTHERFUCKING DEATH WISH. And then, nooooooooooo. Look at that painting! Claire's there, and maybe even that fuckass West, and there's Bennet with a hole in his not-totally-horn-rimmed glasses, along with his face. That's going to be a hard one to get out of, but they will get out of it! They're not killing him, dammit! They can't! Why is he even a target? Was he really that Old School? He was under Kaito! He had no part in the Plot to Blow Up New York! Goddamn you, Assassination Tango!
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