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On the Merits of Good Bone Structure

Tonight, daynr graced the state of California with her presence, and my place, specifically, bringing upanashad along with her. I wasn't intimidated by her like I was when I met her in March, though I daresay she was even cuter this time, with those delightful curls atop her head. We went to Cactus to grab dinner, and this attractive woman totally probably flirted with me, because she seemed very interested in my opinions regarding the burrito selections. She even took my recommendation of the pollo con mole verde. Sadly, I could not ditch my companions to go make out with her, and besides, some things are more important than making out.

Like Avatar.


I am having a weird time here, you guys. See, I came into Avatar during a really awesome time in the show, and I was able to move pretty quickly through the first season and mainline the rest of the second season. And when you do that, you don't have to wait a whole week for the next installment. You don't have to wait a week, get one half hour, and then wait another week. You don't have to focus on each individual episode since you always have the next one not too far away.

But...WHAT THE HELL IS THIIIIIIS. Like, I totally appreciate that we're in the Fire Nation and telling Fire Nation stories, but I feel like there's been a bizarre backslide in creativity. I'm not feeling this season, and it's saaaaaaad.

So, let's maybe get the bad out of the way so I can end on a good note?

Katara, just...what the hell. I hate when she gets like this. This wasn't nearly as bad as "Imprisoned," because that would be difficult, earthbending lemurs and overboard captains aside. But, seriously, the impassioned "I will NEVER turn my back on people who need me!!!!!!1111" from the trailer was...actually about this random-ass town? I know she's trying to do a nice thing, but her need to help the downtrodden is almost pathological. Perhaps this stems from her obvious abandonment issues.

And then she has to GIVE A FUCKING SPEECH again. And this time, she doesn't even make any sense! "You can't wait around for someone to help you; you have to help yourselves...[WHICH IS WHY I CAME AND HELPED YOU????]" Ugh. Can we stop making pit stops to teach children moral lessons and get back to the damn plot already?

No, seriously, how much fucking time must they have wasted cleaning up the river? It's a fucking big river! And I like the waterbending/earthbending filtration trick, but Sokka had a schedule! And it seems to leave little room for dilly-dally! How the fuck are they going to get there on time? At this rate, they're going to have to get themselves good and discovered so they can just fly away on Appa.

That being said, there was still a lot of good stuff.

For instance, Toph out-awesomed Katara with one line: "Maybe we could clean up the river!"

So I presume they're on the secret river that leads straight to Ozai's digs? Which they will reach on the Day of Black Sun and have eight minutes to take down the Fire Nation? Good...luck with that, guys. I wonder what the plan is. At least that will be awesome. I presume.

That dude was pretty hilarious. I have to say. It's a gag that's been done before, but it's still funny. I loved how committed he was to the crazy.

Sokka and Aang demonstrating a spirit attack? Comedy gold.

"You look just like a hill with horns!"

Even though it led to painful speechifying, Katara as the Painted Lady was actually a pretty neat idea. I liked the execution of the idea, just not...the characterization behind it.

At first, I kind of hated Katara for lying to everyone and faking a sickness for Appa, but then I thought about it and found the whole situation pretty interesting. Sure, she lied, but only so she could do a good deed that she thought would benefit other people. There's a certain moral greyness there, even though they didn't really dwell on it.

Toph punching Aang.

"I know Hei Bai! We're close personal friends!"

If "She's cooooooming" wasn't a Poltergeist reference, I'll eat my sock. That was awesome.

The fake spirit attack was also pretty awesome, with Toph and Sokka on foley and score. And then Aang airbending from underneath the dock! That's mad skillz there!

In conc—oh, fuck it, Ty Lee's probably off watching Dexter. Aaaactually, I sort of love the image of the Dangerous Ladies getting together to watch Dexter. And taking notes.

I somehow forgot to actually set the series recording for Friday Night Lights, and we almost missed it. I switched the channel just in time.

Friday Night Lights

I was worried about the premiere because advanced word was not good. Most people seemed troubled and critical, as is expected after a great first season, but...GODDAMMIT DEXTER GOT IT RIGHT. Damn network television.

It was strange. It was still FNL, but everything was so different

Lyla inexplicably became a Bible thumper, which will not help me like her, even though we were doing much better by the end of the season. Her grace before dinner was hilarious, though.

Riggins seems to have backslid completely. I don't remember where he was at the end of last season, but wasn't he still involved with the hot MILF? Where'd she go?

Matt and Julie are on the rocks? Nooooo!! What the hell is that? Who is this stupid Swedish guy with a crappy rock band? What the hell happened all summer? Why would it be bad for you two to turn into Coach and Mrs. Coach, just like typicrobots said? I actually do like how that came up in relation to Coach's absence over the summer and OH MY FUCK JULIE IS TURNING INTO KATARA. (P.S. "What about The Saracen?" = love.) And how did Aimee Teagarden's breasts double in size in a matter of months?

Mrs. Coach...looked older, somehow. And she was crying. Aww.

Coach Taylor, goddamn you. One thing I like about this show is that it's not afraid to show Coach being an ass. That doesn't mean it's easy to watch. Are they seriously going to keep this up all season? Because the new coach of the Dillon Panthers suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

Smash was still Smash in his three seconds of screentime. Good job, there.

Street as coach is promising so far. If Coach of Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck doesn't ruin it.

Landry joining the football team = DO NOT WANT. Part of the character's appeal is that he is the only major male character NOT ON THE FUCKING FOOTBALL TEAM. Even Tyra thinks it's a stupid idea, which is why I love her. As for the budding Tyra/Landry business, that whole scene was terribly cute. I will not be studying his technique, however.

So. The thing.

Tyra's attempted rapist stalking her was really creepy. And I liked that Landry got punched out, because he would. And I liked that he ragefully grabbed a lead pipe and ran after him. And I liked that he killed him. That whole scene was really intense.

Because I honestly worry about this. I wonder about being put in a situation where, to protect someone, I end up doing something that leads to someone's death. I worry about someone jumping in front of my car when I'm not paying attention. I think about having to live with having taken someone's life.

Yes, things might have gone better if they had called the cops, but they panicked, and I don't blame them. There was a river, and it was there, and I don't blame them. I feel like that is exactly what I would do to avoid being caught, to avoid having my life fucked up for one rashly stupid action.

It seems a little big for FNL in a way (a radio commercial I heard on the way home said that in the premiere there would be "a hook-up, a break-up, a birth, and a murder," and I was like WTF??), but I do wonder how they'll handle it.

Yeah, I don't know.
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