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Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses

Dexter was awesome last night. After the slightly underwhelming premieres of Avatar and Heroes, it was great to see a show reassert its quality right out of the gate.


So Chuck was pretty fun this week. Things kept blowing up, and that's really all I ask of a show. I really like the Casey/Chuck/Sarah dynamic; I love that he's being protected by warring agencies, each with its own agenda. I was surprised Captain Awesome turned into a completely normal, regular guy who did not seem that awesome. And Morgan continues to be a waste of space, and I really hate his hair and his being completely unfunny. Can he be recast? Or killed off and replaced with a robot?


Here's the weird thing about Heroes. I appear to have stopped being excited about it, which is sad. Last season, I was practically living Monday to Monday (with stops at Tuesday and Thursday). Yesterday, I had to sort of remind myself it was on tonight.

Even while watching, I feel a little bored, mostly during the first half of the episode. Cool stuff generally happens in the second half.

The most boring of all, of course, is the Maya/Alejandro thing, which, in true Heroes fashion, is at least not stringing too much along while the characters slowly catch up to the rest of the plot. It appears they have to be together, or Maya goes Typhoid Mary, yet Alejandro somehow has the power to reverse it. And we now know they're twins, which makes their interrelated powers make more sense. They got a pretty sucky deal, though. And they need to get to America and start having a point, stat.

Has Matt really never met Ando? That's so bizarre. The interrogation scene with Mama Petrelli was pretty sweet ("Not for a long time"!), especially when she caught on to Matt's telepathy. And then the attack on her was freaky shit. The obvious suspect there is Claude, but it seemed far too...feral and manic. I feel like this is probably a new villain. Who can survive a fall and turn into an invisible bear.


The Haitian!! As soon as I saw that we were in, you know, Haiti, I feared/guessed it was him. Luckily, there was all this talk of God and faith and he got cured whew. I like how ONE DOCUMENTED CASE LIKE THIRTY YEARS AGO IN INDIA, one case a few months ago in New York, and one case in Haiti...I like how these three completely unrelated cases mean the virus is spreading. I can maybe understand some sort of tangential, hypothetical connection linking Molly to the Haitian, but I think it's hilarious that they even bring up Mohinder's sister at all. Sometimes I don't understand how Mohinder got a Ph.D. Of course, he does have a magical laptop that can SEE VIRUSES INSIDE BLOOD.

Also, shut up, Stephen Tobolowsky, with your "rookie mistakes." It was your fault for not telling him what the Haitian's power was, moron. Never mind that you're being played anyway. Played AWESOMELY. Wait, this is so fucking confusing a reaction to have, because...Bennet and the Haitian were partners to begin with! So they're actually reuniting! Aww.

I love that we're getting more Isaac paintings to have fun with. So he painted nine assassinations? Which means it's not one of the Nine who's killing the rest? Or, well, he painted nine paintings; maybe the final one is the murderer alive and triumphant. Or maybe he painted eight, in which case the one who's not in a painting is likely the killer.

Takezo Kensei is Inigo Montoya! Which is funny since the Buffistas were referring to him as the Dread Pirate Kensei last week. And it looks like, yes, Hiro becomes Takezo Kensei, which is probably the coolest option anyway. Hiro becomes his own hero! It's a paradox of hero worship that accidentally becomes narcissism! I loved his concern with making sure they wrote it all down in their history books, even naming the battle for them. Oh, time travel mayhem, how I enjoy thee. I...wasn't sure what the hell was going on in that scene with the swordmaker's daughter. I thought he was attempting to give her a split-second kiss or something, but he just kind of...did nothing, did more nothing, and then disappeared in a rain of rose petals cherry blossoms.

Hiro can have pretty awful reflexes when the plot calls for it, can't he? When Kensei appeared to be dying, I was terribly confused because there was much hullabaloo over David Anders and the fact that he was a regular, and he...was being killed off in the second episode. Nice fakeout, NBC publicity machine!

Except no! This is the season of Repeating Powers! Huzzah! Good job, eclipse! Unless Hiro has also unwittingly picked up the power to have the universe do his bidding, and his saying, "You cannot die!" actually made it true.

Which takes us to Claire, who I have to say is strangely hotter than she was last season, and I have no idea why. I liked her Gratuitous Display of Powers in the beginning, which let us know that Mrs. Bennet is finally not a shell of a woman, mindwiped into pabulum. Of course, now there's no excuse for her preoccupation with Mr. Muggles. The genetics lesson was interesting, and West was actually on the way to being kind of cool in a way and then OMG "CHANDRA SURESH" IS NOT THAT HARD TO PRONOUNCE JESUS GOD. IT'S FOUR GODDAMN SYLLABLES. IF YOU ATTEMPTED TO SAY IT PHONETICALLY, YOU'D AT LEAST BE PRETTY CLOSE.

I think Nissan is trying to tell us that their cars are so desirable, people will steal them.

I really liked the Bennet/Claire scene in Copy King. When he described what the Company would do to her, it really hammered home why he's so paradoxically protective of the girl who can't be hurt. It's precisely because she can't be hurt that they will do everything in their power to hurt her.

Ewwwww owwwwww toe. For a second there, I was really afraid it wouldn't grow back, and then she'd have some explaining to do.

"Welcome to the Emergency Room. What are you here for?"
"I cut off my toe."
"You..cut off your toe?"
"Yeah. Do you think they can put it back on?"
"Why...did you cut it off?"
"To see if it would grow back."
"Hold on, let me see if there's room in the Psych Ward."

And, finally, there's Peter, who people seem to enjoy in this episode because of his shirtlessness but I enjoy in this episode because he beats people up with his mad crazy powers. And saves a moderately attractive Irish chick!

And despite the fact that he had no idea who he was, he was...carrying his license and passport and shit on him? And he never looked in his own jacket? Now it's all in The Box. And, sorry, NBC, unless the answer to "What's in The Box?" is NEEDLES OF FIRE, you don't get to make a big deal out of it. You are not Quentin Tarantino.
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