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The Birds 2: Enemy Birds

In case you haven't heard the Rob Thomas news, there it is. Chances are good that in 2008, one of three series will hit the airwaves:
  • a remake of Cupid
  • an adaptation of the New Zealand series Outrageous Fortune
  • the original series Party Down

This episode was better than the premiere, but something's still not right. I think it's tonal whiplash from the increased darkness of the last half of the second season leading into...secret dance parties.

I do love the behind-the-scenes look into the Fire Nation, like the fact that the history written by the victors includes an Air Nation Army and little Fire Nation students pledge allegiance to the Ozai. Every country has had a very distinct culture, which is very cool. Interestingly enough, the revisionist history on display here is very reminiscent of the Dai Li's brainwashing efforts in Ba Sing Se.

Remember, kids: stealing is wrong, except when it's from pirates...or the Fire Nation. (How the HELL did Toph know what to take?)

Sokka was a little over-the-top at times in this episode, but he also had a lot of moments of hilarity. "Hmm, I am a fan of secret rivers..." "This is my wife, Sapphire."

(And on the subject of Sokka:

Aang: "You get to be normal all the time."
Toph: "Ha!"

Onji was cute, but her jerk boyfriend was...way jerky in a one-dimensional way. But sometimes an amusing way: "No one shows her ANYTHING...especially movements." Why would you put up with someone like that?

The delivery on "I already found a picture of Ozai. And here's one I made out of noodles!" was fucking priceless. Oh, Aang. Hotman this, hotman that! Flamey-o!

And then and then and then: Avatar does Footloose ahahahaha. Like, they couldn't have made it more blatant, and I've never even seen the movie. And then a few minutes later they did the old Spartacus trick. Wherever all those headbands came from.

But in the middle, there was dancing! So much dancing! And it was really kind of awesome and cool!!! I didn't know Katara had moves. And they're really pushing 'ships this season, I see. They brought back the Reddening Cheeks of Attraction.

I was sad they had to flee. I was looking forward to more of Aang's antics in Fire Nation school. That was funny stuff. Sunghi horn!

Meanwhile, in We Don't Want to Pay Greg Baldwin, Zuko tries to realize how much of an ass he is, and Iroh will have nothing of it.

"You're so beautiful when you hate the world."
"I don't hate you."
"I don't hate you too."

Haaaaaaaaa. Oh, Fire Nation love.

Thank you, Nicke-fucking-lodeon, for spoiling the last scene of the episode in the promo, you asses. I don't know who this crazy assassin is (well, I presume he's the guy mentioned in the magazine), but let's hope he is a fun villain. It's been a while since we had someone chasing after Aang and trying to kill him! It's just like old times again!

A fun episode, and I guess I have to remember that the beginnings of seasons are like this. Things will pick up, but for now, secret dance parties are plenty entertaining.

In conclusion, WHERE THE FUCK IS TY LEE?
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