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This Post Is About a Motherfucker I Once Knew Called Zuko

So I had been waiting nearly ten months for new Avatar, and instead I went and saw Arcade Fire with LCD Soundsystem at the Shoreline because Sylvie had four free tickets just fall into her lap, and you don't pass that shit up. Unfortunately, we weren't able to find people to use the other two tickets on such short notice, but fortunately, sophia_helix, actoplasm, and hobviously were all going to the show already!

The opening band, Wild Light, wasn't bad, but they weren't anything that special either. The highlight for us was a song intro: "This song is about a motherfucker I once knew called Cally."

LCD Soundsystem was unexpectedly awesome. I vaguely recalled hearing that they were a great live band to see, and now I'm certain that if I heard it, it was true. The sound was crisp, and the beats got the audience dancing. Even though it's a one-man project, on stage it's a five-man party (four-man/one-woman, to be exact). They all had so much energy. The highlight for me, of course, was an uptempo version of "North American Scum," the only song I knew. The frontman (that is, LCD Soundsystem himself) was a hoot throughout, especially when he displayed his technical prowess on the cowbell. And on his final song, he proved he could actually sing, not just caterwaul and sprechstimme. I was glad they were a "with" band, so they got a full set. I highly recommend seeing them if you get a chance.

Arcade Fire sucked. Wait, strike that, reverse it. Arcade Fire are lauded for their live shows, and now I know why. It's unlike any concert you've ever seen. They fit close to a dozen people onstage, along with an organ. Instruments played include the hurdy-gurdy, accordion, violin, viola, cello, French horn, bassoon, and a megaphone. And I thought LCD Soundsystem were energetic, but holy shit, these guys were off the charts. It was like they were the music, like it was an expression of themselves. My favorites were the violinist in short shorts dancing sexily throughout, the percussionist who was just nuts banging on everything in sight, and the female vocalist in a black dress who was practically half the band, constantly changing positions between songs, singing or playing the keyboard or this percussion or that drum set. They played my four favorite songs out of the seven I knew ("Keep the Car Running," "Intervention," "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)," and "Rebellion (Lies)") as well as two others ("Neighborhood #2 (Laika)" and "Wake Up"), so I could hardly ask for more (especially since the one remaining, "In the Backseat," was my least favorite). I've gained a newfound appreciation for the band, however, which often happens after seeing a band live. I also highly recommend seeing them if you get a chance.

By the time I got home, it was one in the morning, so I put off the Avatar premiere until today.

Avatar 3.1: The Awakening (but not that crappy Kate Chopin book)Collapse )
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