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A Tour of Neptune: Part Three

Now that you've had some time to peruse my awesome pictures, let me tell you some stuff I couldn't fit into my report or post. (Except for one thing that I will copy and paste straight from the report just to see if you're paying attention.)

This is producer Jen Gwartz. Ignore the fact that her eyes are closed. Pay attention to the fact that she is one of the producers mentioned in this post. So I got to tell her about my involvement with helpmeveronica.com.

Ideally, I would have used a picture of Rob's license plate, but apparently you could stalk him with that information. Rob has a very nice car, his midlife-crisis car, as he calls it. It has cameras in the front and back so you can really get precise with your reversing, I guess. He showed off by burning rubber down the straightaway by the office. I think he scared the crap out of Kelley. We listened to Joni Mitchell on the way to lunch.

On our way back, Rob wanted to take us to Daran Norris's house since it was close by, but he couldn't remember his number to check if he was home. So he had me call the office to get the number, and then I punched the number into my phone. Nobody answered. But I did have Daran Norris's number in my cell phone for a short amount of time! I can't remember whether I deleted it myself or let it slide away. I figured he wouldn't appreciate a random phone call from me all, "Hey! Can you just...um, say stuff? Ooh, record a voicemail message for me." Anyway, we stopped by his house, and there were people working outside like he was remodeling or something. It was a bust, but man would it have been awesome to meet him. It certainly would have made a much better story than what I just told you.

Someone really doesn't like Veronica. There's no anecdote here since we have no clue who drew this, but I thought it was funny that Diane hung this in her office, and I figured most people didn't explore the gallery and see this gem.

We found this in Diane's office. I kind of want one. Maybe we should make an "I ♥" shirt for everyone alive. That way, we all feel special!

During our interview, we had this exchange:
Jason: Yeah, I love that, because you saw it, when the adults are there, you saw more of the kids, you know, like more of the backstory of the kids and stuff like that and what they're dealing with and...
Spacecitymarc: You have to sort of imagine like they're on their little island.
Polter-Cow: You remember that they're really just kids.
Spadada: Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Jason: Exactly, dude! That's right.
With that one word "Exactly," Jason made me feel as if I had just said the most insightful thing that had ever been said to him. It made my epiphany all the more epiphanous.

We were told by one crew member that Jason walks on water and by another that he is the most perfect human being who ever lived.

They frowned upon taking pictures when they were filming, especially with a flash, so this didn't turn out very interesting. But one amusing aspect of filming is location, location, location. Because every now and then, we would hear someone say, "Incoming." Meaning planes, those loud motherfuckers, were approaching.

I got to tell John Kretchmer that people liked his podcast and that I had transcribed it. He said he could have provided us with the copy he'd read off of. Which I found to be amusing.

Oh, Chris Lowell. You rascal. He regaled us with tales of his exploits down in the South, where he basically got himself banned from South Carolina or something. Kristen playfully described him as a "brat."

The final scene of "I Know What You'll Do This Summer" is one we watched being shot for a long time through many takes, and after one particular take where Chris-as-Piz looked very sad and heartbroken, I gave him props when he came back into Keith's bedroom,. And his immediate response was, "Yeah, talk me up, talk me up!" And then he said something about blogs or the blogosphere. It was amusing. Egotistical blowhard. (Kidding!)

One last comment about Chris Lowell. I was sitting down eating lunch when he arrived to the craft services area. As he walked by, he saw me and gave me a fist-raise. I, confused, returned the fist-raise. Marc said, "That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen."

The chocolate cart is where I meet Enrico Colantoni. He's a very playful guy: when I told him I was the guy who asked him about poo, he gave me a shove as acknowledgment. When I told him that in Austin, everyone had answered "covered" except for Michael, who'd chosen to eat a small piece of poo, covered in chocolate, he joked, "What, he has to qualify?" And he gave me a shove as he left. It was all very confusing. I think he didn't hate me.

Oh, Kristen! So she said she thought we looked familiar after we told her some of us had been to Austin, but she was probably humoring us. But! She said she had the flea in her bathroom and the pillow in her bedroom (I don't think I even mentioned the pillow; she brought it up in conjunction with the flea as another fandom gift to her).

Anyway, it's been many months since then, and I am very, very annoyed that I cannot remember why exactly I brought up the notion of killing someone with a sharpened cucumber. I just know I said it. It sounds like something I'd say, right? It's not really important why I said it, just that I said it. It will become important later. Just wait.

Later, I made a stupid faux pas by attempting to make a joke about the fact that Kristen gets her own makeup girl. I...think I didn't offend her. Hopefully.

That picture up there also shows Kristen's location as we discussed Christopher Pike. She said she had all the books at home; I asked her what her favorite was. She couldn't remember the title, but there was this series about...the prom. Final Friends, I said. I started rattling off titles, and she remembered reading some of them. She joked that someone was always falling off a cliff in those books.

Later, in betwen scenes, after she's done fighting with Chris Lowell, I of course have to ask her about the mix CD I gave her. She says she has a whole box of CDs. I try to describe it to her as an alternate VM soundtrack, and a cover image comes to mind, but it's not mine. "I'm sure it was awesome," she says. I add that I also gave her one to give to Enrico, and suddenly she explodes, "Yeah yeah yeah yeah!!" It's totally adorable; she's so excited for remembering. She says she gave it to him.

Then she asks how long we were going to be staying, and I tell her we're only down there for a couple of days. She explains that the box of CDs is at her house in L.A., and she goes home on the weekends. It takes me a few seconds to put together that what she meant was that, if we were going to be there on Monday, she would make a special effort to listen to my CD for me. Sadly, we weren't, and now I'll never know, but I still thought it was awesome of her to even consider it. Like, she seemed really concerned. It was nice. Plus, I liked that it implied we weren't a huge bother, if she would not have minded us being back the next week.

In between takes of the final scene, she mentions a project she's working on with Guillermo del Toro. Yes, somehow Kristen got an in with Guillermo del Toro. She and Ryan Hansen and her boyfriend, Kevin Mann, were supposed to be shooting a short, basically in their backyard, to show to studios. It was produced by Guillermo del Toro and directed by, if I heard correctly, the guy who did the special effects for Pulse. The film was called Mnemevore, and I'm pretty certain it's a film adaptation of this comic. It sounded really cool, but I have no idea of the status of the production or her or Ryan's involvement with it. Anyone with IMDb Pro want to report back with intel?

I also mention that I'm training for a marathon, and she talks about some article she'd read by this guy who said shoes that supported your feet were actually bad since you don't strengthen your feet at all. She said they were coming out with shoes that have almost no support at all, that are almost like running barefoot. I exclaim that I've actually seen those new Nike shoes. (The star of my favorite TV show and me, just having a regular conversation about regular stuff!)

After episode 18 wraps, we relocate, and I see Rico standing around in a heavy jacket. I go to talk to him, and he cuts me off, telling me he's about to do a "serious scene" rehearsal. I feel bad for getting in the way. He was pretty remarkable about turning Mars as soon as he walked into the scene, however. Because it was late at night and everyone was loopy, there was a lot of joking around. He sang a song about having gas; I don't remember the words. He and Kristen joked about changing the line "I have some bad news" to "I have some bad gas." When I, like I did with Chris, compliment him on his acting, he replies, "At this point, it's just schmacting."

Because I am apparently obsessed, I ask him about his CD. He's clueless. I said that Kristen said she'd given it to him. He says, "That lying, syphilitic...." Then he admits that for all he knew, she did give it to him: "Don't remember, bro." It was the worst four months of his life when he was sick; he was so out of it. He'd really wanted to go to Austin.

Monique the set dresser was awesome and let me take a bunch of shit like this home. Posters and stickers they weren't using anymore. I don't even recall seeing this poster on the show, unfortunately. Cool that they made it, though.

Between takes, Kristen writes "old handsome man sexy" on Enrico's hand. Enrico points out that she spelled "handsom" wrong, and I take a look and agree with him. Because it's midnight, I don't know. Kristen insists there's an "e" at the end. Then my brain turns back on and I realize that's she's right. "Fuckers!" she yells, triumphant. It's the first time we hear sweet little Kristen Bell curse. It does not fail to be cute. We get her back, anyway, when she can't pronounce "bursar" correctly.

When we asked Francis if he minds not being in more episodes in the third season, he says, "This is the best job in the world! I haven't worked in weeks." He's been playing a lot of Xbox. I ask him which game; he says Gears of War. His girlfriend is hooked on World of Warcraft.

There is a moment at the Studio Diner when I notice that "Baby Got Back" has begun playing. I smile. Francis sees my smile and returns it knowingly. We shared a moment, me and Francis.

Wow. I just realized that I totally left Percy out of my post. Oooops. Anyway, we joked that he was avoiding us, since none of us, despite having gone to multiple events, had ever met him. We talk a little with him, but he's not there very long, and when he is, he's usually in a scene.

We got some specially set-aside face-time with Kristen, as you remember. While we were talking, there was a light change, and it suddenly got very dark in the mech lab. "Where's that cucumber?" I say, almost to myself.

"That sharpened cucumber, right?" says Kristen.


And that's pretty much the point of that story.

In conclusion, I should marry Kristen Bell.
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  • Fleabag? More Like T-Bag!

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